[OTHER IG] 150516 Jaejoong’s Friends Share Pictures With Private JJ

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[TRANS] We had blackbean noodle, sweet/sour pork, spicy noodle, pig’s feet, chicken and hamburger #JJ visitationScreenshot_2015-05-16-09-57-12~2[TRANS] Saturday. Private Kim Jaejoong.  The first visit. IMG_2107 Screenshot_2015-05-16-09-58-30~2[TRANS] Surprise Gift!  Jajangmyeon, Chanpon, sweet & sour, JJFullSizeRender[TRANS] Blackbean sauce noodle, you were so impressive! Screenshot_2015-05-16-10-05-13~2[TRANS] Private Kim Jaejoong Hwaiting!  private JJ Hwaiting!Screenshot_2015-05-16-10-05-56~2[TRANS] Private JJ Korea Army
Hwaiting, Korean  Soldier!Screenshot_2015-05-16-10-09-17~2

[TRANS] Faithful!!!! ㅋㅋ
Private JJ & Sergeant Shin, RT
Officially I’m the first visitor!! Haha

Screenshot_2015-05-16-10-43-20~2 Screenshot_2015-05-16-10-44-25~2


All the food during the visit
pig’s feet, chicken, hamburgers, jajangmyeon, Chanpon, sweet and sour, etc. Brought every foods u can imagine haha




Credit: june.shin, xris_mas, youkeun_jung

Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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