[TRANS] Non-fans Commenting on Jaejoong’s Out-of-This-World Handsomeness

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He is not known as “Visual Shock” for nothing ^^


Non-fan 1



Jaejoong, who was is DBSK …Kim Jaejoong is also a private now. He’s super handsome … Shooting, running, etc.  He ranked 15th out of 200 in running, 19 out of 20 accurate shots. That’s why he was awarded free phone calls.!  He has a handsome face and awesome personality…Ha, there’s no human like him…He’s not human!



Non-fan 2 and 3



Atomic bomb-level handsomeness!

Unrealistically handsome face, great mind and talent!

 Non-fan 4



My younger sibling’s friend met Kim Jaejoong at bootcamp as a trainer. Picture is low quality but he’s still handsome. My younger sibling asked him how was Kim Jaejoong? and the friend just kept on saying “He is so handsome… Mighty handsome.” Lol

Non-fan 5



Went to visit someone and saw Youngwoong Jaejoong . It’s the first time I feel this way. He is so handsome that he looks unreal.

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