[Other SNS] 150409 Jaejoong’s Sisters Shared Pictures of Him at the Army Training Camp

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전진~~ 나라의부름을받고 대한민국의남자로써 훌륭하게 군복무잘하고있습니다 대한민국의 훌륭한군인이되어서 제대하는그날까지 훌륭하게마무리하겠습니다 전진!


Forward~~ (Junjin – nickname of 1st Infantry Division)
Received the call of the country, as a man of The Republic of Korea
he’s serving his country well
As a good soldier of the Republic of Korea
he’ll finely complete his duty until the day he’s discharged


전진.훈련 잘 받고 있습니다.생일선물로 받은 울 재중이 사진 고맙고 사랑해.전진

[TRANS] Forward. He’s doing well in training camp. I received our Jaejoong’s photo as a birthday gift. Thank you. I love you. Forward!


Credit: syyg1104, mk_taiji, yn492
Translated by: @The_Little_Pear
Shared by: PrinceJJ