[TRANS] Compilation of Army Trainee/Family’s Accounts About Kim Jaejoong

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Account No. 12

“Ah, Jaejoongie hyung isn’t like a celeb but a hyung next door. He’s very nice. Recently everyone in the dormitory became close and we got to hear some gossips in showbiz from Jaejoongie hyung. So much fun. He has a lot of money but don’t act arrogant at all, really like a nice neighbor brother. He has big eyes, tall nose, white skin and beautiful body” (x)

Account No. 11


(I’ll) talk about something you will like; Kim Jaejoong is super nice. First time night-watching, I was on second watch of my dormitory and he was on first watch of his dormitory. He came to me and asked, “Did you sleep for awhile and come?” “You slept for 2 hours?” “Did you sleep well?” Just super kind. He does push-ups 250 times a day.. Crazy. He’s handsome. And has so many tattoos. He helped all the kids in his dormitory shave their hair. The reason is “I want to make good memories for them,” he said. (x)

Account No. 10

A sister of one of Jaejoong’s army campmate received this autograph from her brother who was out on a break (may not be from Jaejoong’s batch).   According to her brother, “Jaejoong has outstanding facial features, his facial features (T/N:  i.e. eyes, lips, nose, etc.) are prominent,  and Jaejoong is nice/friendly and has a great voice. (x)


Account No. 9



The beret looks so suitable on Jaejoong.  My soldier friend in-charge of driving showed this to me (T/N:  it seems Jaejoong went for physical exam in the hospital)

Account No. 8

Letters to & from Jaejoong’s fellow trainees and families

1. (From umma) In your letter, you said that Kim Jaejoongie helped you shave your hair. Is that true?
You said he’s very handsome
But in your mom’s eyes, my son is also handsome ㅎㅎ

2. (From appa) Ah, I hear that Kim Jaejoong helped you shave your hair, that you guys helped each other

3. (From sister to oppa) Oh right, I heard that Kim Jaejoong also came to 1st Division. Kim Junsu hasn’t enlisted yet. I’m thrilled by the thought of seeing Kim Jaejoong at your completion ceremonyㅎㅎ..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Hey, did you see Kim Jaejoong?ㅋㅋ I was already amazed that you guys enlisted at the same time… But you even came to same training camp;ㅋㅋ I came that day, there were so many Japanese fans.

5. I showed your photo to my friends. They all said you’re cute. So, quickly go to Jaejoong-nim and tell him that your sister is very pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋWho knows???? Maybe later Jaejoong-nim would ask you to introduce me to him,,,,ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah I’m joking.. Sorryㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Also, I earnestly wished that you would stay in the same dormitory with Jaejoong, but it turned out that you don’t..
Go ask for his autograph for noona and Soojung………..
(↑ This.. the officer who filters the letters won’t delete this right? It’s not restricted right? *cry* T^T)
Dad, mom and me will visit you on May 7 ♡ Bring his autograph that day..
Actually, I was so sad when you enlisted that I almost cried
But seeing Kim Jaejoong, my tears stopped a little haha He is so handsome
The day you enlisted, I stepped forward a little bit to see you, but thanks to that, I saw Kim Jaejoong. Thank you for standing on that side. It was really eye candyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

T/N: No.1 and no.2 are parents of 1 trainee

Source: 1st Division daum cafe (x)

Account No.7

JJmilitary Picture Caption – Soldier’s sister: “I’m sorry, I took picture of Kim Jaejoong instead of you coz he was right in front of me.”

Excerpted from a letter from older sister of Jaejoong’s fellow soldier:

I received your letter haha. It was extremely funny, but you have one thing you misunderstand.

Not that I moved forward to see Jaejoong, but I walked that way to look at you more closely and he came towards me.

Also, when you saluted at mom and dad, I clearly looked at you.
My camera pointed at him by itself though…

See, people have to be good to others to be blessed.
You also keep in mind ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’ in your life.
I was just moving forward to see you, and that happened to me.

Account No.6


(Excerpted from Jaejoong’s fellow solider’s hand-written letter to his family member)

[TRANS] Ah, and for your information, I share a dorm room with JYJ Jaejoongie-hyung, which means I sleep (share the bed/the room for sleep) with him. What has happened today is that I was not able to learn how to fold underclothes because of (?)MI Test and Jaejoongie-hyung taught me. He said that he was raised in Gongju. At first it was just amazing every time I looked at him, but I’ve gradually felt that he’s becoming like a hyung next door. His body is freaking awesome by the way. Effing cool. I will tell you about him in detail during your visiting hours here in the future.

Account No. 5

According to a family member of one trainee in the same camp, he states in letter that Jaejoong is the one who helped him shave his hair.

Throwback picture – Jaejoong shaving someone’s hair:


Account No. 4


Picture above is just a picture of soldiers returning clothes.  During their army training, they are required to return clothes they wore upon entering the army and will use only the clothes provided by the army.


Jaejoong’s Sister:  Finally clothes Jaejoong wore on enlistment day of arrived. Love letter to parents were in a box as well. I am Relieved to hear that he is well.  He also ordered pretty clothes for his nieces before enlistment when he was so busy. My brother is so cool! Be healthy and Go Forward!

(Source: kkjj4)

Account No. 3

A mother of Jaejoong’s campmate who’s 9 years younger than Jaejoong wrote to her son. His mother asked him to get along well with Jaejoong. His mum also told him to be respectful to Jaejoong and if he faces any difficulties, he should approach Jaejoong for advice. His mother said she’s a JaeJoong fan.

Account No.2


A Private sent a letter to his family saying he encounters Kim Jaejoong every morning.  He also said the training camp is kinda tough.

Source:  1st Division daum cafe

Account No.1

Fanart by Jae_D_哟吼吼吼吼的骨头


He’s eating well but looks out the window during the meal; he looks uncomfortable because everyone is looking at him but he looks happy at the same time because everyone says he is so handsome… (What a cutie)!

He also talks a lot to other trainees.

Source:  Division 1 Daum Cafe, BE_KEFI, golfer_soo, mj_129; kkjj4, @crystalmoon64
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