[VIDEO+TRANS] 150330 Jaejoong’s Ment After “I’ll Protect You” & Ending Video

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Jaejoong’s Ment After ‘I’ll protect you’ on 2nd concert day

Part 1 (Ment starts at 6:38 of video)

While he was singing ‘I’ll protect you’..

At the end of the song.. He said…

Thank you.. Thank you very much..
It’ll be a short time..
So.. please live well and safely..

uh.. some people.. *he started to cry..*

I’m sorry.. I’ve told you ‘I’ll never cry’..

Frankly speaking.. more than anyone..
We’ve walked on the rough road together..
more than any other singers.. more than anyone..

But.. but.. because we’ve spent such a hard time..
on the other hand, we’re strong..
So, I thought the time of 2 years would not be longer than we would expect..
and I thought we could endure well..*cry*

I thought like that.. as we’ve spent a hard time..
I think I couldn’t endure those times.. honestly..
I’ve never parted.. from you..

Ahoo.. if someone scolds me in the army, won’t you protect me?
Ehyoo.. make me crazy..*cutely*

I’m going to say goodbye..
Thanks for coming today..
*cry* why did I cry.. *cry*
Thank you for coming today..
Thank you for giving me the best present..
Please go back safely..

Thank you so much for making the best time for me before I enlist..
Please wait for me.. to make the best time again.. until I’m back..
Don’t waste your energy and keep to yourself and..
please welcome me with a smile when I’m back..

From the bottom of my heart, I’m so thankful to all of you today.. Thank you very much..
Please go back safely..
See you again.. See ya~

Ending VCR

Hi~!! It’s Jaejoong.

Perhaps.. All the performances that I prepared were over now.. and you would be in there and I would be at backstage..
maybe we all would feel something lacking and try to soothe our mind..

Probably, I would steal a look at all of you at backstage.
And I think I definitely couldn’t tell you everything that I want to tell..
So, I specifically prepared this video..

But, as I was starting to make this video, I’m really trembling..

Our relationship has been for more than 11 years.
Uh.. it means you’ve entirely stayed with me in my cool 20s.
Whenever I felt happy, sad, lonely or tired.. you always told me ‘You’re not alone’ and have supported me.

Because of your support and love, I’ve thought that I can be a great singer. To me, you’re my only one who are important.. and can never be replaced..

I always feel thankful to you but, on the other hand, I feel so sorry at the same time. And I’m so worried about whether something happens to you.. or whether you’re crying.. or whether you’re sick..
So, it’ll be for a while but.. now I feel sad about the time that I’ll be absent and.. I think I’ll miss you so much.

People say.. ‘Someone who has lots of memories is rich..”..
If you check the memories that we’ve built up together one by one, before we know it, we’ll be able to see and face each other again. I’m really looking forward to the stories that we’ll make again..

I’m very thankful to you for always being with me as friends and lovers. And I also feel so sorry for always making you wait…

Hah… But, as I always did.. I’ll be back to become a happier person than now.. I’ll come back well and healthy. We’ll meet happily again..

The words I’ve always heard from all of you…
and I’ve always wanted to say to all of you..
Thank you.. and I love you..

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