[PICS+TRANS] 150329 Jaejoong’s Concert in Seoul “The Beginning Of The End” – Tweets Compilation

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  • Heard that some fans without D2 JJ tix have been queuing in the cold overnight. Hope there are enough tix for that very long queue! via @pixelminor
  • Lotsa commotion. Many celebs tonight. Is yoochun here? via @pixelminor
  • The spy ahjusshi friend Jo Dal Hwan is here too via @pixelminor
  • Spy team present in front of me, 4 meters away… via @jyj_ph
  • Yoochun is sitting beside SPY casts! Someone please share pics! >< via @vichellelicious
  • Yuchun is here at the con tonight!^^ via @jyj_ph
  • GunHee is there via @megwu0312
  • Almost starting!! via @pixelminor
  • It’s just the start and im already tearing up! let’s all enjoy this with Jaejoong via @jyj_ph
  • Start! via @pixelminor


  • Rousing start with Mine. Screams are deafening via @pixelminor
  • JJ growls and roars into mike for 9+1. He’s giving his all! via @pixelminor
  • A long banter, how we’ll miss those via @pixelminor
  • JJ: “Hi everyone, I’m Jaejoong. Today’s mood is very strange compared to yesterday… I drank alcohol again after my performance yesterday. Bedtime is such a pity now.” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “Yesterday’s performance was very good, the talk was even more interesting… I will show a more handsome image to everyone today, a more handsome Jaejoong.” via @vichellelicious
  • Let the rhythm flow: screams after a long note via @pixelminor
  • Let the Rhythm Flow…while the tears flow too! via @jyj_ph
  • JJ is wearing the same glittery coat as last night via @jyj_ph
  • I really love rotten love. All the difficult high notes he reached effortlessly tonight. via @pixelminor
  • Jaejoong said his waist now is 27 inches and he gained 4 kg via @megwu0312
  • He said he gained 4kg…where is the 4kg JJ??? via @jyj_ph
  • JJ: “Stomach feeling a bit painful today as I drank alcohol after my perf yesterday, but my condition is still not too bad~ If I don’t drink these 3 days, I will have not too good dreams… I’ll be enlisting the day after tomorrow… This is my 2nd time in life to shave bald. I hate to be bald ever since secondary school… It’s said that skin sags as you age, but I’m still youthful! I never do botox all these kind of stuff… Mental is in 10s, body is in 20s, in actual fact, I’m 30 years old Jaejoong.” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “I feel very narcissistic saying myself in this way, but I might be really very suitable for this generation! You can’t be fat if you’re doing rock music so I have to be skinny! I feel pain around my waist recently… It could be because I’ve put on weight, but I’ve put on 4kg and it only shows on my face! My waistline now is 27, legs still so lean, I really don’t like it! Pls tell me ways to put on weight on my body!” via @vichellelicious
  • He perches on a stool for shiny day. Very soulful. via @pixelminor



  • Now is good! It’s actually the best with JJ! via @jyj_ph
  • Now is good. I like the glitter that floats into the stage as JJ sings. He asks fans to sing the last line for him – Now is Good. via @pixelminor
  • screen video…T.T via @megwu0312
  • The video of JJ’s journey from 2010. Fans cheer when JYJ appear on screen and cheer at every milestone via @pixelminor
  • The scream : everyone , I am really happy, and thank you..T.T via @megwu0312
  • perhaps it sounds narcissism, but he want be idol till 40″ via @megwu0312
  • JJ: “My new solo album is different from JYJ album, it has a bit of narcissism in it! I wanna be an idol till my 40s, I wanna be like HYDE in his 40s… If I can do normal activities in Japan after my enlistment, I wanna perform together with HYDE on stage.” via @vichellelicious
  • JS and YC evaluation of JJ: YC: JJ is a very heartwarming person. JS: A perfectionist at work, but he’s a really very gentle man. via @Vichellelicious
  • Fans chant Kim Jae Joong for him to appear but once All Alone starts, there is complete silence. via @pixelminor
  • The cello accompanying All Alone is so sad. Both my sides are crying. And so am I. My phone screen is all blurry 🙁 via @pixelminor
  • I feel so all alone…i wanna run to you, my love…im saving all my love for you @bornfreeonekiss via @jyj_ph
  • Ahhhh his voice! So soothing and beautiful…the crowd fell silent as JJ sings full of emotions! via @jyj_ph
  • JJ has the voice that makes you cry. Living like a Dream is so soul rending. He sings with his hand to his chest. via @pixelminor
  • In the darkness at the end of living like a dream, we can see his silhouette give a big sad sigh. via @pixelminor


  • New song breathing. Can’t wait to get the album for it. via @pixeminor
  • new album is the present for you all.. think about this new album comes after I enlisted , that would be so happy, I prepared many presents for you all.. be honest, when I in military , that the promotion won’t be so complete… this album include rock and R&B via @megwu0312
  • JJ: “Sorry to suddenly sing my new song to every1. There’s another new song after this. It’s all written and composed by me. This new album is an album which have most songs composed/written by myself.” I’m proud of you~ like always~ ^^ via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “This new album will release during my enlistment, compared to not being able to publicise it, it’s a gift to everyone.. New album will consist of R&B and various mixtures songs.”  via @Vichellelicious
  • JJ wrote 9 songs and composed 2 songs in his new album! via @Vichellelicious
  • JJ is asking how we know the chants to Good Morning Night without him teaching first lol. Yes, we’ll pretend it’s the first time hearing it! via @pixelminor
  • naughty…teaching fans and also teasing via @megwu0312
  • We continue to rock with Kiss B! Everyone is dancing and waving their light sticks via @pixelminor
  • Going backstage again, will we see more nakedness today? via @pixelminor
  • dresscode checking? will he choose the kurakuma.. bikini…again>< via @megwu0312



  • He takes his jacket off and covers the cam. He removes the jacket to show his bare chest. You tease!! via @pixelminor
  • He puts back the jacket back on the camera and removes it to show the red slogan towel. He’s still half nekkid hehe via @pixelminor
  • A fan cuts off a lock of her long hair during the fan segment! via @pixelminor
  • JJ took off his top and covered the camera, he was topless when he took it away from the camera! He did this for a few times! >< via @vichellelicious
  • Now he starts to talk about dress code and check the homeworks like yesterday.. via @theyoungestmin
  • A fan wrote on board: “Though I can’t enlist with you, I will shave bald with you.” Fan behind this lady actually shave bald!!!!! via @vichellelicious
  • Fans shouted ‘Don’t like Girl-group when you’re army!!’ So he told.. ‘what?? I’ll do!!!’ but fans shout ‘No!!!’ continuously. He told I’ll live like Buddhist monk when I’m in there’..ㅋㅋㅋ via @theyoungestmin
  • He also told ‘Fortunately to you, we don’t know much abt girl group. We just know only several g-group because we couldn’t appear on TV’ via @theyoungestmin
  • He called a fan dressed like an elderly lady as Eomeoni! via @pixelminor
  • Camera pans back to JJ and he’s dressed in a demin jacket. Fans protest that he’s wearing clothes and he makes a knowing face haha via @pixelminor
  • fan’s banner: I could go in military with you . Jae: no , everywhere but not military. then fan took scissor cut hair!!!! via @megwu0312
  • Rilakkuma been choosed… via @megwu0312
  • He is introducing his nephew to fans~ via @theyoungestmin
  • he is teasing a fan. ask about her age she replied:18. but Jae pretend not hear clearly: 28?38?48? via @megwu0312
  • he picked a soldier, and asked how long be a soldier till now? fan gesture 8 . he said: 8 year, fan: 8 months and 25 old. Jae: 25?! ajjussi via @megwu0312
  • He told to his nephew-probably Hyuna.. “Let’s have a date with me when I come out for vacation~ Promise~~!!” via @theyoungestmin
  • Little niece gives a V sign but does not give her uncle a kiss. Poor JJ. Luckily his older niece comes to the rescue with a big kiss! via @pixelminor
  • JJ: “My sister is here too today, who else is here? My girlfriend~ My dear~” Fans: “Break up! Break up! Break up!” via @vichellelicious
  • when cam to Spy girlfriend: Fans : break up , break up break up! and J did said to Go ssi:lets break up via @megwu0312
  • Dress code time took too long and JJ forget what’s the next song, An-jjang pass the song list to JJ… JJ then pulled An-jjang to the camera and ask him to greet everyone! An-jjang said shyly: “Hi everyone, I’m An-jjang~~” via @vichellelicious
  • He keeps calling his Spy sweetheart Jagi haha via @pixelminor
  • And now he is introducing and talking about SPY team.. He calls ‘Jagiya..*means honey*’ to Yoonjin (Ko Sunghee).. Fans shouted ‘Break up!!!’ via @theyoungestmin
  • He keeps calling his Spy sweetheart Jagi haha via @pixelminor
  • JJ pulls poor manager in front of the cam, and says his parents are here. JJ thanks Angjjang’s parents and wishes them good health. via @pixelminor



  • Don’t walk away! JJ asks fans to clap along via @pixelminor
  • Once again director JJ instructs how we shld wave our light sticks for Luvholic via @pixelminor
  • JJ bursts back with Brighter after band intermission. via @pixelminor
  • Modem Beat – JJ makes his best round the 2nd floor again. Screams and delirium! via @pixelminor
  • JJ coming by – make way for the hot man! via @pixelminor
  • I hold on to Jaejoong!!!! Waaaahhh!!!! Im shaking now…. via @dhang_madam
  • I got to held on his shoulder briefly before getting pushed by other fans. My thumb hurts but its okay. via @dhang_madam
  • Bad JJ laughs again at how fans go Aaahhhh when he said he was singing the last song. He picks up how we go ahhh from low to high pitch via @pixelminor
  • Just another girl ends and the stage goes dark. Fans start chanting Kim Jae Joong. via @pixelminor
  • Power packed one kiss via @pixelminor
  • JJ is speaking very slowly and very somberly, a lot more serious than yesterday. Fans listen in silence via @pixelminor
  • He’s still speaking calmly but the tears are already flowing freely around me. via @pixelminor
  • JJ: “Everyone, aren’t you tired? But all of you are super power! JS came yesterday, JS has more vitality among JYJ… YC and I are always very tired during perfs, but JS maintains the same~ Must have vitality~ JS ate so happily yesterday~” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “I’ll be enlisting after tomorrow, feel that I have spend my time very well… After enlisting, I hope everyone spend more time on themselves.” Fans: “Loyalty~~” JJ eyes start to swell… via @vichellelicious
  • JJ says he will release a personal photo album collection!!! *___* WHEN WILL THAT BE!!! via @vichellelicious
  • He worried about today’s concert as he thought he couldn’t control his condition. via @theyoungestmin
  • Yesterday, Junsu came to see JJ’s concert then he said to JJ.. “You’re happy as you don’t dance at all..” via @theyoungestmin
  • He said.. “Only one song remains now..” then said in a low voice.. ‘As all of you know, it’s not the end..’ via @theyoungestmin
  • JJ: “How nice if I can perform after tmw, feeling very regretful that I didn’t do that, I try to talk as much as I can now. With such enjoyable performance like this, time flies really fast.. It could be a long while not being able to perform, thus I’ve prepared many stuff for everyone… Everyone please spend more time and money on yourselves while I’m away! Don’t let time be wasted away.” via @vichellelicious
  • “I spent a hard time in my 20s. I think I would not be here if it was not for you, JYJ as well.. Thank you for making my 20s happily..” via @theyoungestmin
  • Now he sings ‘at the age of thirty’ and will sing ‘the letter from a private’.. *original songs all sung by Kim Kwangsuk* via @theyoungestmin
  • At the age of 30. I love his rendition. His voice is like a balm for the soul, except it’s making us cry. When will we hear his voice again? via @pixelminor
  • I’m a bit worried about whether he cry while he is singing ‘the letter from a private’.. via @theyoungestmin
  • What song is this? Another sad song to tear our souls T.T via @pixelminor
  • JJ seems to be having a difficult time getting to the final song. He coughs a little in tension. via @pixelminor
  • There are tears in his eyes after singing one stanza of I’ll protect you. He kept whispering ‘pls protect’ via @pixelminor
  • JJ is crying on stage now… He hung his head to hide the tears but they fell anyway.. He can’t stop crying and its hard to hear what he’s saying.. It’s a sea of tears now via @pixelminor
  • Many a time, he had to turn his back and bend over in tears. We are all crying too via @pixelminor
  • His back was turned whenever he cried too hard. We will protect you till you return! Pls protect yourself too! via @pixelminor



  • Singing “I’ll Protect You” with JJ now… My eyes start to swell too… Ottoke… Jaejoong don’t go… TTTTTT via @vichellelicious
  • No matter how prepared one is, it is really not easy to say goodbye, be it Jaejoong or fans. God bless Jaejoong and all his loved ones. IU. via @vichellelicious
  • Jaejoong crying earlier… My heart… Uljima… via @vichellelicious
  • “I think I was very nervous.. why was I nervous while I was singing this song?? I don’t know why..” Actually, it’s not really easy to sing this song before enlistment.. I fully understand why he’s nervous and his body was trembling.. via @theyoungestmin
  • “I want to ask something to all of you.. ‘Don’t cry’ I think I won’t do it but pls don’t cry & eat well & take care. I’ll be back healthily.” via @theyoungestmin
  • Meanwhile, he cutely joked to fans.. “You’ll never protect me if I get scolding from my senior soldier!!” via @theyoungmestmin



  • Everyone didn’t leave after the concert ended. Kept shouting Jaejoong’s name. Jaejoong came out to say goodbye. ㅠㅠㅠ via @vichellelicious
  • Refuse to leave. The chants for Kim Jae Joong are getting louder. via @pixelminor
  • Lights are on. But we don’t want to leave. via @pixelminor


  • Fans gather and wait, chanting non stop.. Chanting for more than 5 mins, JJ finally appears through the centre of the curtains to give his final wave via @pixelminor
  • As we slowly make our way out, the gym is full of sobbing fans who refuse to leave their seats. Some are inconsolable. via @pixelminor
  • JJ came out and said goodbye, waved and pointed thumbs up to everyone T___T via @vichellelicious
  • Ok. JJ came back to say goodbye! ^^ via @rubypurple_fan
  • Fans line the driveway outside the dome, waiting to say a final goodbye when JJ leaves. via @pixelminor




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