[OTHER TWITTER] 150329 Kim Sukjin Shares A Picture Of Jaejoong

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[TRANS] Jaejoong is the best gift. Love you, all. You will wait for him, right?


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[TRANS] My child who was born from my heart is about go to the army. 8 sprouts and 1 flower bud, my particularly brilliant flower~ When he was exhausted and went through hardship, when he wanted to give up, he thought about his fans and overcame it. He’ll become a soldier of our country. Gulping down tears, I appreciate your heart today – From his mom –

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[TRANS] @kkjj4 When he went through hardship, he still kept his heart consistent~~ Thinking that his fans would wait for him, he’ll keep that same mind day by day 1 year 9 months
He’ll wait with the same mind~ Today, his eyes filled with fans’ faces. With every of you staying in his heart, he’ll be able do well~ I believe that the more we share memories together, the more he gets stronger~ ♡♡I love you Jaejoong&Umma

Credit: @kkjj4; @mk_taiji
Translated by @crystalmoon64 + Hannah @PrinceJJ
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