[NEWS] 150329 Kim Jaejoong’s Concert Tickets Illegally Sold for up to One Million Won

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong made his farewells to his fans ahead of his military enlistment on March 28-29 with his “2015 KIM JAE JOONG CONCERT IN SEOUL – The Beginning of The End.”

Tickets to the concert were a scarce commodity, especially for the March 29 stage. The first round of tickets sold out within five minutes of their release, and in response to a flood of fan inquiries, additional audio seats were sold.

The day of the March 29 concert, fans got in lines starting from the early morning to try and secure a ticket on-site. “We sold 200 extra seats on-site,” said a source.

This was in response to the illegal selling of the tickets that was going on, with dealers charging up to 1 million won (approximately $906 USD) for a ticket.

In sum, Kim Jaejoong was able to say make his final goodbyes with 12,200 fans- 6,000 on March 28 and 6,200 on March 29.


Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will enter the military on March 31, and his military site will remain undisclosed. In the month leading up to his enlistment, the singer has been devoting his time to his second album.

Source:  Soompi

Ticket touting at Jaejoong’s last concert

The ticket price for Jaejoong’s concert soared to as much as 1 million won ($903) with explosive demand to his last show before he enlists in the Army.

The 29-year-old idol, member of K-pop trio JYJ, held a two-day concert, titled “The Beginning of the End,” on Saturday and Sunday at Korea University in Seoul.

The tickets for Sunday’s show were said to be extremely difficult to obtain, with the first round of tickets sold out within five minutes.

Jaejoong’s label C-Jes Entertainment offered 200 additional tickets for fans, who could get one and waited at the venue to buy one from scalpers.

The ticket touts reportedly charged the desperate fans as much as 10 times more.

Shortly after his enlistment, Jaejoong will release his second solo studio album, but the exact release date is yet to be confirmed.

Jaejoong will enlist in the mandatory military service on March 31 and be discharged from service 21 months later on Dec. 30, 2016.

Several other pop stars joined the military service this month, including Super Junior members Shindong and Sungmin, who enlisted in the army on March 24 and 31, respectively.

Source:  KpopHerald

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