[PICS+TRANS] 150328 Jaejoong’s Concert in Seoul “The Beginning Of The End” – Tweets Compilation

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  • Started off with Mine via @xiadertod
  • Our JJ all in Black…looking so so damn hot! His buttons are open til his chest! glittering like a true star that he is!!! Via @jyj_ph
  • Very impressive stage…complete with laser lights and fireworks galore for the first 2 songs!!! Via @jyj_ph
  • Oh my gosh!!! Junsu is here!!! He is at the console area!!! Via @jyj_ph
  • How nice is it that Junsu is just behind me and Jaejoong is performing infront of me!!! Hahaha via @jyj_ph
  • JJ in leather pants is so so H-O-T!!! via @jyj_ph
  • Omg the way he’s talking, obviously flirtatious today! Via @pixelminor
  • Black snakeskin shirt and tight black pants *drool* via @pixelminor
  • He is rockin’ the stage!!! As always! Looking sooooo handsome! Via @jyj_ph
  • Shiny day- simply soulful via @pixelminor
  • Now is good among gently falling gold flakes. Fan banner project in process. Via @pixelminor
  • Now is good!!! It really is sooo good!!! Via @jyj_ph
  • Video intermission – Video showing the JYJ journey – Moves on to showing his solo efforts via @pixelminor
  • I cant help it i am crying already via @dhang_madam
  • He changed clothes via @dhang_madam
  • The video slideshow consists rundown of his successful career. Via @dhang_madam



  • Awesome light effects! Added drama to his new arrangement of All alone” via @dhang_madam
  • Our eyes are all teary now after that heart wrenching rendition of All Alone! Jaejoong… you are not alone!!! We love you dearly! Via @jyj_ph
  • An even slower and more heart felt version of All Alone, accompanied by a cello. It’s so sad hearing him sing he’s all alone. I hear tears. Via @pixelminor
  • Fans around us are all in tears now! Via @jyj_ph
  • Have not heard this in a while. Living like a Dream from Dr Jin. JJ sings this while bathed in golden spotlight. Via @pixelminor
  • What song is this? Sounds new! JJ sounds like a musical brook flowing along. Very nice! Via @pixelminor
  • Fans yell they love this song! via @pixelminor
  • At the end of the song, he coughs a little and says Ah the smoke! Lol via @pixelminor
  • When he was singing, he was enveloped in stage smoke so that must have overwhelmed him. A drink of water rectified that. Via @pixelminor
  • Good good morning morning beautiful night. JJ is teaching fans to sing the refrains for the next song. We have to repeat ‘hello’ and ‘uh oh’ via @pixelminor
  • Everybody jumping now to his new song via @dhang_madam
  • Party time!! I LOVE THIS SONG!! Via @dhang_madam
  • He makes us yell Jae instead of night. Everyone is up and dancing via @pixelminor
  • While ‘Good Morning Night’ is a really fun, exciting song, ‘Breathing’ has Britpop music feels and heart touching vocal of Kim Jaejoong via @xiadertod
  • He kneels onstage to sing a part of Kiss B. Rock version with fire spouts on stage via @pixelminor
  • Abs!!! He is naked via @dhang_madam
  • Goes backstage and throws his jacket on the floor and teasingly takes off his tee shirt, before sitting down to talk. Shows off his poster via @pixelminor


  • Many photos on the wall in his backstage living room. He points out some of them from his dramas, JYJ and a kindergarten photo? Lol via @pixelminor
  • He picks out sexy fans among the audience. Two sexily clad girls, then pan to his nieces haha via @pixelminor
  • All cajoles to make his nieces give him kisses or smiles come to a fail. Poor rejected uncle. Via @pixelminor
  • Someone comes in an ape mask. JJ makes the fan take off the mask and he says what a pretty girl! Via @pixelminor
  • There is a sunflower in the crowd and JJ ask the sunflower why she decided on that concept lol via @pixelminor
  • Someone is wearing a cheongsam and JJ says in mandarin: Ni Hao Ma Da Xia’. Literally how are you Hero? Hahaha via @pixelminor
  • He saw someone wearing something on her head and thought it was a Muslim fan, it turn out she just had her slogan towel on her head lol via @pixelminor
  • He ask fans to clap along for Don’t Walk Away via @pixelminor
  • Director KJJ giving instructions on how he wants the light sticks waved during Luv Holic via @pixelminor
  • Showcasing the band now via @pixelminor
  • There are quite a few good looking celebs sitting in the rows infront of me except I don’t recognise most of them >< via @pixelminor
  • A few fans have been pulled out already. Even though it’s JJ’s last two acts before army, they are still serious about the photo taking. via @pixelminor
  • He is wearing a button down shirt in black with gray and dark pants via @dhang_madam




  • Gyrating to brighter via @pixelminor
  • Jaejoong is freaking close to us.. I am shaking he is just above me… (doesnt sound right) via @dhang_madam
  • JJ walks the whole of the second floor during modem beat. His manager and security follow with shock! Seems like JJ did that impromptu via @pixelminor
  • JJ was super high as he walked in an almost relaxed manner among fans. Looks like it was not a planned thing. He was grabbed quite a bit. via pixelminor
  • He asked us to scream. So we scream via @dhang_madam
  • JJ laughed and imitated at how the fans were protesting when he said it was the last song. You troll! via @pixelminor
  • Just another girl with pyrotechnics. JJ was sexy and sweaty woohoo! via @pixelminor
  • Oohhh fireworks on stage via @dhang_madam
  • He wore a lot of black tonight… the gold mic stand stands out though via @dhang_madam
  • Chants of Kim Jae Joong now for encore. Waaaiit! The night is still young! via @pixelminor
  • Powerful vocals for One Kiss. Singing on a raised dais. via @pixelminor
  • I think JJ asked when is he going to hear us yell his name again. Fans yell Kajima – don’t go. Ppl have started crying. via @pixelminor
  • JJ’s eyes are red as he speaks. Abt the two years to come. via @pixelminor
  • JJ: “As it’s live band today, if u don’t shout encore or my name, there’ll be no encore~ If there’s no encore, I won’t come out~” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “Oh I’m actually a successful singer. I’m enlisting in 2 days’ time, I enlist later than everyone else… I spent my 20s with everyone, it’s enriching and meaningful, it feels quite good… If I enlist earlier, I’ll be sadder, I might not have this kind of fate. Going on TV have got better too, very excited.Fans do promotional ads for me and watch my concerts.” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “Thank you everyone for loving me all this while, giving me support… Thinking of myself during my 10s and 20s… I wanna thank fans, company… I’ll be away for 1 year 8 months… Fans shouted: “Wait for you!!!” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “I promised not to cry today, I’m really not crying. There will be bigger resistance… Persistence, cut my hair… I wanna look more handsome… I should lose some weight…” via @vichellelicious
  • I do not know the name of the song he’s singing now but it’s darn beautiful. Mellow, husky, soothing, the kind of song to cry to. via @pixelminor
  • Up til now, JJ has been chatty and high. He hasn’t actually cried, altho fans are crying. I guess he wants to say goodbye on a happy note via @pixelminor
  • His last song- I’ll protect you. Fans are sobbing around me via @pixelminor
  • The lyrics for I’ll protect you are beamed on stage so that fans can sing along too. At times, JJ holds the mike out for fans to sing via @pixelminor
  • JJ asks fans to sing together in acapella style via @pixelminor
  • He goes from stage left to right waving, bowing and saying thank you before a final bow at the centre of stage and exiting via @pixelminor
  • A video of JJ talking while wearing sunglasses and black cap. He’s saying the things he cldnt say personally on stage via @pixelminor


  • Once again he’s telling fans to be heathy and happy via @pixelminor
  • End of day 1 via @pixelminor

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