[TWEET COMPILATION] 150324 Jaejoong at Triangle FM in Yokohama – Part 2

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  • When mc asked who has weird habits, everyone said Jaejoong, even he himself says it’s himself LOL~
  • Jaejoong will make sounds like “ah~” , “wuuu~” when he is doing stretching exercise.. keke
  • Jaejoong said it has been a long time since he last watched AV (lol)
  • Jaejoong will perform 2 new songs in Seoul concert!! (via rinmaze)
  • JJ recorded 16 songs – 9 songs were made by JJ, including an R&B song (via shachong)
  • 3 songs out of the 16 songs are for JYJ (via loveJJkaorin)
  • After Jaejoong enlists, he said the “things” he prepared for us (fans) will be slowly released.
  • JJ:  It’s gonna be a solo rock album (<- this part not so clear), but I’m not telling you when it’s coming out.”
  • JJ will have a photoshoot for album jacket tomorrow. (T/N: I’m not sure it’s for solo or group)




  • JJ: I’m not afraid of enlistment but afraid of leaving you(fans) (via rinmaze)
  • Jaejoong said during his time of enlistment, if his fans get married & have babies, his fan base will triple (fan + spouse + kids)!
  • JJ: Get married everyone! Let’s make a date, I’ll work hard to be even more eye catching (shining) on stage singing and you work hard to triple my fan base! Then I’ll not be worried. At least these next two years I can’t have a girlfriend so you don’t need to worry.”
  • JJ: “In my heart, there are many important things around me but the most important is you (fans). Thank you. See you again.”



Acting with A Knife

Acting – Falling down acting nonchalant

But I

<p style="text-align: center;"><em><strong>But I (Triangle OST)</strong></em></p>

I’ll Protect You


Boku No Sobani

Last Ment



Translated by: @ayano_JYJ, shadowjaejes, rainbowkjj
Video & Photo Credit:  Rinmaze, Jeje_Reico, Healingbalm126
Shared by: PrinceJJ