[TWEET COMPILATION] 150324 Jaejoong at Triangle FM in Yokohama

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  • Jaejoong first met Jinhee when they filmed the (red) boxers scene. He greeted her while covering his groin (via @ shachong)
  • Jinhee said she couldnt forget the scene where Youngdal was running in red boxers =)) (via @ rinmaze)


  • Lee Bumsoo said they had a drink yesterday. When JJ is drunk, he laughs a lot (via @ rinmaze)
  • Jaejoong drew Youngdal’s emotions – in love, angry, gangster  (via @rinmaze)



  • Balloon game. The MC is excited to see Jaejoong in half-sitting posture LOL (via @ shachong)



  • Jaejoong held the balloon and ran away LOL. It seems that they brought out bigger and bigger balloons.
  • Fans saw his lower back tattoo



  • Jaejoong popped the balloon. He said he felt like his soul fell out from his body :)) (via @ shachong)
  • Seems that they give out many gifts. Lucky draw in every block


  • Jaejoong sang “But I”, “I’ll Protect You”, “Boku No Sobani” and “Keshou”


  • Jaejoong’s ment before mini live:

This is my last event before leaving for awhile. I thought that I couldn’t return to Japan but thanks to this I could come again. I’m very happy. I’ll come back soon. I’ll cut my hair and leave. Please wait for me.”

  • Jaejoong’s ment after “But I”(Via @richun64 + @babyskymicky):

But I” expresses my feeling (the song’s Korean title is “Even though I don’t want to…”). Even though I don’t want to, I still have to go. I’m happy that we could meet today. You too right? After Spy ended, I rested for one day then came back to work. It’s such a healing to meet you all here. After Spy, I concentrated in recording. I also wrote songs. Should I say that it’s a commemoration for JYJ Membership week? I made new songs for JYJ. I recorded 16 songs in 6 days. It’s not good for my voice (My voice hurts) but I’m happy. I wouldn’t be able to meet Junsu for 3 years.”

“During my absence, you could listen to my songs. When I’m not here, look at my work and remember me! I’ll work until the day I go. I can’t even see my family. Please look forward to what I made in a month without rest. I’ll have a meal with my family then leave.”


  • Jaejoong started crying while reading/hearing fans’ messages. He used a towel to cover his face. “Why do you do this (event) at this time? Please don’t do it
  • He said, while tearing, even though he knows he will be back, he still he doesn’t feel like leaving. It is not easy (for him) to hold a live in Japan.  When he’s back from military, he’s already in his 30s. (crying and laughing while he shouted it out). Not reconciling to the age, he will work hard to maintain himself, and maintain the 20s feel (via @rainbowkjj)



Credit:  @rinmaze, @jeje_reico, @studio_jay (19860126.com); as noted above
Translated by: @The_Little_Pear
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