[TWEETS + PICS+VID] 150317 “All of Jaejoong” Fanmeeting Tweets by Fans

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  • There were 42 buses chartered for the 2,000 Japanese fans that attended the FM


Venue – Banners, Standees, Photos





  • JJ: In acting, crying is the hardest.That scene in Triangle is so hard to do. Also, my fave scene in Dr Jin is when Kyungtak appa died
  • About kiss scene in spy:  MC: how was it? JJ: it was just okay. (laughs)
  • They are showing photoshopped pictures of JJ for the army. One was him with shaved head. JJ laughed so hard.


  • Hairstyles to choose from: 1) bald wig 2) shaved head 3) manga JJ (?). JJ chose 1.
  • JJ: Doing military service is important for any Korean man.
    “I will be back healthier and with no injuries. Please wait for me.” 
  • He received a lot of ‘heattech’ (UNIQLO) gifts from fans so he wouldn’t be cold in the army. He also wore those during SPY filming.
  • JJ: Young people coordinate their clothes so they match. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as we’re together. Isn’t it enough?
  • JJ: I like doing things together.. like reading a book, hugging while sleeping… things like that.
  • JJ: If she can’t clean or cook, I will do it for her. It is cool to do things for your gf right?
  • JJ: I also want to defend her. I might be thin now but I am strong.
  • JJ is giving away a watch that he used for only 3 months.
  • JJ: I’m giving this watch away since it symbolizes time. Time with fans is something I cherish the most. 
  • JJ: Lifetime achievement award goes to fans. My fans are my biggest achievement.
  • JJ: I don’t know whether you will leave. I don’t know whether you will change or not. But for the past 10 years, you love me.
    Everyone, for those 10 years of loving me, thank you very much.
  • Fans are crying and shouting we will wait for you.
  • JJ: Since the drama ended, I have been recording so my throat is not good.
  • It was shown on the screen: I’ll protect everyone’s happiness.
  • JJ request: While I’m in the army, please do not send letters. I might not be able to identify important letters from my family.
    I also don’t want to bring inconvenience to my fellow soldiers.
    because there are times that a celebrity has a lot of letters and some of the soldiers can’t receive the letters from family.
  • JJ: Sorry for making you all come here today (in Seoul) even if JPY is weak. I hope Japanese Yen becomes stronger! (everyone laughs)
  • JJ: Before, I was afraid to go (to army). But now, I am not afraid. I might be lonely though.
  • JJ: Oh yeah, I remember. I will still go to Japan! (laughs)
  • JJ: everyone, I will see you soon!
  • JJ: One can’t go abroad 1 month before entering the army. But I’m glad that they allowed me to go.
  • Last song is One Kiss.

  • JJ: I will be entering the army with some people 10 years younger than me. I will not lose to them (in stamina and strength)! (laughs)
  • JJ only had 1 rest day after Spy finished filming.

Group Photo



White Day Gift from Jaejoong


“Fans mean everything to me. Thank you for your love.”



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