[NEWS] 150306 “Spy – Drama” Bae Jong-ok and Kim Jae-joong”s friendly shot

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Bae Jong-ok released pictures from the final scene of the drama “Spy – Drama“.

KBS 2TV drama “Spy – Drama” actress Bae Jong-ok played a mother who gets back into her old habits of being a spy her children”s sake. The drama ends today.

The pictures show Bae Jong-ok posing with her dearest children Seon-woo (Kim Jae-joong). In the final scene where she”s desperately clinging onto her son, she gave off the vibe of a mother who loves her son so much.

Baek Jong-ok also revealed pictures with producer Han Sang-woon. Together, the three of them are smiling ever so brightly.

Spy – Drama” ends successfully with its great storyline and unthinkable twists.

Meanwhile, “Spy – Drama” is based on the Israeli original drama “MICE” about a mother who risks her life to save her son and a son who realizes the true identity of his mother who used to be a spy.

Credit: Hancinema I Newsen
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