[NEWS & SNS RECAP] 150226 Jaejoong: Actor, K-Fashion Leader, JJ Wave

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The multitalented, passionate art director Kim Jaejoong leads the K-fashion industry as well

Moldir to release Art Director JYJ Kim Jaejoong ‘s Design Still Video Clip

Kim Jaejoong’s Journey in Design

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Kim Jaejoong disguises as a snack delivery boy, “What a handsome delivery boy!!!”

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His global popularity proven once again. Drama Spy overseas broadcasting rights sold

– Already sold to Japan before broadcasting of drama ends – 


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Spy’s Kim Jaejoong’s Unmatched Popularity has stronghold on truly multinational fandom!

– Overseas support of fans from Hong Kong, Philippines, Arab Countries, China, Latin America, Vietnam and Japan –


[Business Venture] Moldir Bear Name: Jojo


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