[Other IG] 150216 Child Actor Jian and Urban K Shares Picture with Jaejoong

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드라마 ‘스파이’촬영 중

김재중씨 넘 멋있다…
외모도 멋있지만 정말 좋은 사람인듯~~
촬영 힘드셨을텐데 지안이까지 챙겨주시구.. 너무 좋은 감독님,스텝분들..

Filming Spy

Kim Jaejoong is cool and has great personality~~
Filming was tough yet he took care of Jian..

(Note: The baby girl plays NIS Team Leader Song Joonghyeok’s daughter)


#김재중 부럽다지안아ㅠㅠ♥

Held by #Kim Jaejoong .  We envy you Jian ㅠㅠ♥



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