[NEWS ] 150209 Spy’s Kim Jae-joong, Yoo Oh-sung make stunning scene with fantastic chemistry!

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‘Spy’ dropped behind-the-scene photos of Kim Jae-joong and Yoo Oh-sung from their 6-hour-shooting at a closed swimming pool in the piercing cold weather.

Kim and Yoo are currently starring in KBS’s Friday mini series ‘Spy’, as Seon-woo, an ace agent of the national intelligence service and Ki-cheol, an anti-South spy, repectively. The men have showed being in a antagonistic relationship, which has caused tension to the home theater.

The shooting of their one-on-one confrontation was carried out on January 30th at a closed swimming pool on Ganghwado, Incheon.

It started at 9p.m and lasted for 6 hours, until 3a.m the next morning. But despite the severe cold, the actors proceeded with their shooting in an amicable atmosphere, full of laughter and jokes.

Moreover, the duo showed professionalism by checking their guns which was given as a prop, and sharing a shooting episode in the past in which they used a gun.

“Kim Jae-joong and Yoo Oh-sung showed excellent teamwork together and successfully finished the shooting the swimming pool scene which had long lines, making no outtakes at all,” a production staff said. “It was so fierce and intense that all the crew watched the scene hodling their breath. Please get excited for what’s going to happen ahead in our drama,” he added.

The 11th and 12th episode of KBS’s Friday drama ‘Spy’ will air in series from 9:30p.m.


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Photo Credit: KBS via studio_jay
News source: GET IT K Han Jihee, Photography by IMTV, DN Contents, Studio 7, English Translation by Veronica Choi
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