[NEWS] 150201 Learn Kim Jaejoong’s Fashion Through ‘SPY’

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[by Woorim Ahn] Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Normcore Look’ became a hot issue.

CJeS Entertainment said, “Kim Jaejoong has shown various fashions in every episode of KBS ‘SPY’. As he highlighted his character, he made the audience focus on the drama.”

Kim Jaejoong plays the role of Kim Sunwoo who is a charismatic genius intelligence analyst in the drama and he shows his charms with his fashion.

His stylist said, “’Normcore’ is a mixed word of ‘Normal’ and ‘Hardcore’ and it means normal but not normal. This is the point of ‘Normcore’ look. SPY’s Kim Sun Woo puts on basic items and adds a point for classy looks. Particularly, rather than following trends, focusing on professional attitude is the completion of ‘Normcore look’.”


Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s drama ‘SPY’ airs on Fridays. (photo by KBS ‘SPY’captured image)

Credit: BNT
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