[TWITTER+IG] 150127 Jaejoong SNS Updates – Birthday Gift&Cake + Going to The Beach

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150127[TRANS] Birthday gift specially made for me from all Moldir staff! Thank you~^^ 

150127 pic

150127 2[TRANS] Lighted candles and blew them off alone… I felt good somehow when no. 30 candle collapsed..

150127 pic 2150127 3

[TRANS] Forget about birthday now and let’s focus on Spy!

150127 3pic1 150127 3pic2 150127 3pic3 150127 3pic4150127 4

[TRANS] Minwoo..

150127 4pic


Video link: http://instagram.com/p/yWu_v4knvx/

[TRANS] Went to beach impromptu today, but it was so cold that I came back right away after finishing lunch.

Screenshot_2015-01-27-12-28-34~2[TRANS] You are not suppose to do that in restaurants.

Credit: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by @crystalmoon64
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