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Friday KBS Spy-thriller miniseries <Spy> – It’s not just another spy story; this time it’s a little different.

Spy lacks cartoonish imagination or fantasy the genre is typically linked with. It doesn’t emphasize romance. Somehow, it is very realistic.

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Kim Jaejoong perfectly differentiated himself from an idol singer image through several dramas. His transformation is notable.

We welcome Kim Jaejoong ‘s exotically handsome face and trimmed, muscular body. Moreover, his acting and facial expressions are more stable and natural.

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Spy-thrillers usually involve holes in plot covered by comical situations, fantasies or speedy development with a side tragic love story. But Spy portrayed typical emotions of a Korean family very naturally using a proven original – A mother volunteered to become a Spy for her son and a son who finds his mother’s secret; their story is neither boring nor unrealistic.

The drama becomes more complex and rich as relationships among people around Kim Seonwoo (Jaejoong’s character) get tangled. You can’t let your guard down for a second during the 100-minute continuous broadcast.

Spy is the first miniseries of Drama Special Team Han Sang Woon (writer) and Park Hyun-suk (Director) that introduced many well-made dramas in the past. Anticipation is building high on how they will portray family reconciliation in the midst of all the conflicting responsibilities and lies.

Source: Daum movie
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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