[NEWS] 150123 Jaejoong: “I’m Happy to Sing”

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Jaejoong, a member of the K-pop boy band JYJ, concluded a fan meeting on Thursday.

Some 25,000 fans flocked to the two-day event “2015 Kim Jae Joong J-Party in Yokohama” on Jan. 21 and 22 in Yokohama. The event took place to celebrate Jaejoong’s upcoming Jan. 26 birthday. The 28-year-old singer-actor appeared onstage, saying hello in Japanese. He then performed hit Japanese songs including “Goodbye Days.”

After the performance, he said, “I am just happy to sing.”

Jaejoong also gave some fans a hug, tied their hair and took photos with them. As the event came to a close, Jaejoong said, “Thank you for coming. Take care and stay healthy.”

He will hold the same event at the Jamsil Indoor Arena, Seoul, on Monday.

The Asia’s heartthrob is currently starring as a government agent-turned-North Korean analyst in the KBS drama “Spy”. A set of episodes of the drama airs every Friday from 9:30 p.m.

[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong met with 25,000 of his Japanese fans to celebrate his birthday.


“Jaejoong held his ‘2015 Kim Jae Joong J-Party In Yokohama’ fan party on January 21st and 22nd with his fans,” C-jES Entertainment commented.

This event was planned by Jaejoong himself as he wanted to spend time with his fans for his birthday.

During the event, he rode on a gondola from the back of the audience to the front of the stage and began his party. He opened the party with a Japanese song titled, “Goodbye Days, YUI.”

Jaejoong also prepared various events for the party including following scenes from dramas that he played in, feeding food to each other, making cute hats with towels and hugging his fans.

Although his actual birthday is January 26th, fans prepared a cake for him at the event as well as a congratulatory video message from fans all around the world including Scotland, Egypt, Argentina and more.

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JYJ members Yoochun and Junsu also sent a surprise video message to him as well.

Jaejoong continued the event with songs from his solo albums including, “9+1#” as well as a Japanese song called, “Glamorous Sky,” originally sung by Nakashima Mika.

After the fan party was over, fans continued to shout his name and asked for an encore. Jaejoong reentered the stage and sang “Just Another Girl” from his first solo album.

“Thanks to everyone who came out. I am so sad that its already over. Please stay well until the next time we meet,” Jaejoong commented.

Fans were also seen tweeting during the concert as well. “Second time using Gondola but it’s still scary. Kept thinking…hmm..what if I fall? What will happen to the people under?” tweeted @rubypurple_fan.

“So handsome. Really like today’s coat. It’s a long black coat,” via @jjchloejj.

Previously, Jaejoong was greeted by 500 Japanese fans upon his arrival on January 21st.

“All the workers at the airport had to mobilize because so many fans started gathering in the morning,” a personnel of Haneda Airport commented. “

On the other hand, he will hold his 2015 Kim Jae Joong J-Party In Seoul on January 26th.

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