[TWEETS & PICS] 150122 Jaejoong’s J-Party in Yokohama Day 2

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  • Triangle postcards that were given out before the Jparty outside the Arena. So nice


  • JJ: Second time using Gondola but it’s still scary. Kept thinking.. hmm.. what if I fall? what will happen to the people under? ^^;;


  • JJ is wearing all black today.
  • JJ: I wonder what’s my relationship with the rain.. It rained again today. I always seem to make you wet (Coz of rain)
  • JJ: AFter the dome tour, I was happy since it’s been awhile since last live in Japan. It was our first dome tour so I was a bit worried.
  • JJ: Was worried that it will not be full but the venues are filled up so I was happy.
  • Our Christmas costumes (in JYJ TD concert) was… (sigh) impressive right! It’s our first time to dat that. It’s our gift for everyone.  And because the other two members wore more interesting/funnier costumes, I am less embarrassed. lol
  • JP comedian duo Hannya appears~ ne member of the Hannya duo, Kaneda Satoshi-san, is close friends with JJ. They are both part of JJ’s 85 line. lol.
  • MC asked if the two are close. JJ said jokingly, no it’s the first time we meet. lol
  • MC: How do you describe ‘Spy’ JJ: Full of spies. lol

Game with Fans (Scene Reenactment)


  • Like yesterday, Jaejoong is going to choose 4 “kawaii” girls to the stage for this session. Choosing method is the same like yesterday
  • The 1st scene same like last night, sauna scene. Putting the towel on her head & says “kawaii yo”
    • JJ said to the first fan, “Let’s go to the sauna together.” /cue screaming
    • So sweet, Jaejoong adjusted the towel on her head and even lean his head on her head for photo taking. Soooo sweet


  • 2nd scene. Coercing the girl to eat the food she hate and says Hora, Tabete. 
    • He’s putting the napkin on her laps. And gonna feed her now
  • 3rd scene. Backhug the girl and says “Doushitandayo”
    • OMG!!! The hug so long!!!!!
    • He put her hair behind her ear and whispers to her!!!! OMG!!!!!
    • Everyone screamed the arena down when he whispered to her just now, hahahaha
  • 4th scene. Special scene (Kabe-don)
  • Jaejoong slowly pushed her toward the fake wall to corner her. He state so near to her face. OMG!!
  • MC: What did u say to her? “Hajimemashite” lol. Duo was like ehhh.. you hug then say nice to meet you for the first time? lol



  • Korokke-san: JJ is still friendly even while drunk www
  • Haha Korokke san ask what kind of underwear Jaejoong likes to wear. He didn’t buy a single underwear for the last 10 years cause fans gave him a lot as presents. He likes small size!!
  • He said most probably he’ll not get anymore tattoo and fans clapped hands hahah. He asked you really don’t like tattoos?? Hahaha


  • If you were a film director, what will you film? Bed scene. After showering, man and woman will go to the huge bed and do… things. lol
  • Haha, he laughed and couldn’t finish describing the erotic scene, lol!
  • I am 29 but 30 in Korean age. My taste has not changed that much except I feel like I’m more adult
  • JJ:I wanted to be a young dad before. it’s too late for that now right? lol. want a daughter, can go to amusement park or just walk around. I’m a 30s man now!
  • Q: what kind of father he’ll be to his daughter. A: he’ll hold his daughter’s hand to go for walks.
  • Q:If he wakes up and found out he’s in Junsu’s body, what will he do.  He’ll wanna sing after wakes up.
  • MC: What do you think JS will be like in the morning? He’ll probably play football lol. Or he will sing a song. YC and I, when we wake up, our voice is not good but JS can sing the high notes after waking up
  • If you have magic, what will you do to YC? Give him more muscles~ YC doesn’t really make an effort to exercise. Sometimes YC and I only will eat heavy midnight snack.The following day I will exercise but YC will not do nothing. But he doesn’t get fat
  • Happy Birthday Jaejoong

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  • (Fans, JS & YC Video Greeting)
    • Video message from fans all over the world now.  Jaejoong said that he’s really happy cause he receives so much love from fans.
    • JJ to JS: Next time, say the message in Japanese (laughs) they(fans) have a hard time looking at subtitles
    • I was reading the subtitles and I realized, hey I’m Korean, I can understand his message. lol
    • JJ: I envy YC handsome face and his adam’s apple.


  • JJ: Our time is limited but I had so much fun with everyone. I’m happy. I don’t think it’s possible to celebrate with you next year. Please wait for me. I will become a better adult.
  • Jaejoong Hi 5 so many fans today


  • Aaawww, he doesn’t want leave too like us….. Pls talk longer we don’t wanna leave too.  So cute, when fans scream Jejung repeatedly, Jaejoong scream Minna Minna Minna
  • Ending message from Jaejoong




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  1. Lisa
    January 23, 2015

    Hi! Is there any video footage of the fans birthdays messages left to jaejoong?

    I sent in a video and was curious to see if it was shown.