[TWEETS & PICS] 150121 Jaejoong’s J-Party in Yokohama Day 1

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  • JJ came out riding a gondola to the center stage.  He said it was scary.


  • JJ said “i’m really ‘rain man’ (ame otoko)” coz it always rain when I come alone for a solo stage.


  • The setting is like a bar… Furuya-san is the MC who acts like a bartender…
  • He talked about wearing the Christmas costume during the Fukuoka con.
  • Ichigo Ichie was the title of our con. coz want to share that one-time experience with everyone

Game with Fans:

  • They are picking 4 people to join JJ on stage.  So there is a copy of the sitting map on stage. JJ will shoot at it using a blowgun to determine the 4 people to go on stage.  His first 2 tries are complete fail. He said he will try his best to aim right. so cute.  4 fans and JJ will act some scenes from drama.
  • 1st scene – putting towel on her head like in a sauna.
  • 2nd scene will be forcing her to eat even if she’s depressed.  Indirect kiss~~ he ate 1/2 of the food then feed the rest to the fan
  • 3rd scene will be back hug (cue screaming from fans!)
  • 4th scene Kabe don! Kabe don is hot trend in JP now.. it’s the act of cornering a woman into a wall romantically. kabe don – like the man corners you into a wall but putting his hand against the wall then stare at you

cornering Q&A qa

  • MC Korokke-san: JJ’s charm is deadly, no joke. He is so friendly even to me.
  • JJ: Now that I’m 30, I have to work harder as an adult. Also I hope I will look the same in my 40s.
  • Korokke-san: where do you put your belly tattoo? JJ: lower part of belly 
  • JJ said, he will do his best to maintain his looks until he reaches 40 years old.
  • Q: what sport will you play in a national tournament? A: i am not good with ball games.. maybe track and field?
  • JJ: I hiked a mountain for two hours without break
  • JJ: Then drink makgeolli when I reach the top.
  • Q: What will you say if you meet your younger self (elementary days)? A: Don’t give up on your dreams
  • He failed an audition when he was 14.. he was about to give up but he remembers his teacher saying to him that don’t give up
  • JJ said he’s envious coz when overseas Yuchun can walk around without being noticed. JJ can’t do that, not sure why his face is noticeable. Compared with YC and JS, even if JJ is in disguise, he is still noticed by fans.
  • If he puts magic on Junsu, what will it be? make his ass a bit smaller. JJ: I want Junsu to become well known worldwide, sing in America.
  • JJ: I feel like recently, the sense of responsibility is strong. I need to work harder. MC said, you get that feeling when you hit your 30s.


  • They are showing a video of fans across the world saying happy birthday.
  • Junsu gave his message in Korean and Yuchun gave his message in Japanese



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[TRANS] Let’s be together always, Thank you always~~


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