[PICS + TRANS] Kim Jaejoong Praised by Caterer of KJJ DC Gallery Lunch Support

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Excerpts from the caterer’s blog:

Kim Jaejoong arrived first and checked out the food. He told the staff to put sashimi in a separate plate^^. He had detailed plan for dinner! A real genius agent.

Kim Jaejoong loves rice cakes made of sweet rice the best as dessert, so we gave him a rice cake basket as a surprise. He smiled like a mischievous little boy making all of us smile like his mommy^^.

Kim Jaejoong always comes out first because he knows his fans’ hearts. They set the beautiful table ready and wait for him.

BEST MANNERED! For instance, he gets his own food (some let his or her manager do it). Ever saw him in person? Best looking person! No need for words.

Kim Jaejoong expresses himself freely. He looked genuinely happy when he saw delicious food and praised us for the food. We are not fans but we can’t help ourselvesㅠ

Conclusion? We were falling for his charms as we served food^^

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More photos here: dadamcs blog

Source: dadamcs blog
Credit: Kim Jaejoong DC Gallery
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: PrinceJJ