[HQ PICS+NEWS] ‘Spy’ Kim Jaejoong releases photo from shower scene, showing perfect body

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Kim Jae-joong of ‘Spy’ revealed his perfect six packs from his shower scene.

Kim Jae-joong is current filming KBS’s Friday mini-series, ‘Spy’ as Seon-woo, a genius segret agent who works for the NIS(National Intelligence Service).

Seon-woo is a man of a principled character, but turns into a loving, sweet person when he is with his mother Hye-rim(Bae Jong-ok) and girlfriend Yoon-jin(Go Sung-hee).

His shower scene was shot at the KBS studio in Su-won, Gyeong-gi do.

It was a scene of Seon-woo taking a shower, having concerns on being in charge of espionage regarding Soo-yeon(Chae Soo-bin). Before the scene, Kim Jae-joong said he was worried about the scene because he had no time to build up his body before the shooting.

But when it began, he actually showed his perfect six packs, heating up the studio.

After the shooting, the female staffs seemed to show some wistfulness to their gaze, and soon Producer Park Hyun-seok made a joke saying that they should film the scene once again, making everyone at the studio burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, the 3rd and 4th episode of ‘Spy’ will air 16th, Friday, from 9:30p.m to 11:10p.m, a 50 minute episode run twice in series.

Credit: kbs via Koreastar Daily + Get It K
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