[News] Daum Article: Fans of Jaejoong Show Generous Support for “SPY”

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On January 6, 2015 a press conference was held for the new KBS drama “SPY” starring JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong. His fans from all over the world, with participants from Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Peru and Germany showed their enthusiasm and support by adorning the event location with multiple and varying wreaths.

These wreaths totaled to 5.23 tons of rice, 4,195 briquets, 2,100 ramen packages and 600kg of animal feed. With JaeJoong’s choosing, the rice and ramen will be donated to organizations that help the needy, such as children who go with skipped meals. The briquet will be delivered to the elderly that are living alone so they can keep warm during the cold and the animal feed will be donated to animal protection organizations.


(Note: Parts describing dreame donations on Jaejoong’s prior dramas omitted as it was already reported)



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