[VIDEO] 150110 KBS Entertainment Weekly with Jaejoong and Spy Cast

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Funny Intro:

Q: SPY was aired yesterday. So we are doing this interview assuming that SPY is a hit. (lol)
JJ: “Thank you~many of my friends called me to tell that SPY is great and they had watch it well” (laughs)

(this interview was done after the SPY press conference before SPY is being aired.)

JJ and BJO:

Q: How do you normally call Bae JongOk ssi?
JJ: Umma.
JJ to BJO: Does it make u feel bad? Should I call u noona?
BJO: No, call me umma

Kissing scene:

JJ:”I sent a message to her (GoSeongHee) before filming the kissing scene, ‘have you eaten?’ ..she told me that she is going to eat SamGyeopSal.. but there is no SamGyeopSal smell during the filming..so I think that actress is really different (doesn’t smell bad even after eating meat)

Q & A (The SPY Cast has to raise “O” or “X” to the interviewer’s question)

Q: I am handsome guy / beautiful lady.

3 chose “X” and Yu Oh-Seong chose “O” Yu Oh-Seong said :”well~I have 2 eyes,2 nostrils..so I am handsome” then Jaejoong burst into laughter again, bending down to the front and said, “it’s really funny” XD

Q:I have a past that I don’t want to be revealed”

JJ: “X” (Others chose “O”) – “My past is very interesting..and cute”

(…then KBS played Jae’s cute face in HUG (Jae burst into laughter…) and then Jae said :”ah~~ I should have chosen “O” XD)


Source: KBS
Translated by: @The_Little_Pear + 0702veronmjjeje
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