[NEWS] Is Spy’s Jaejoong a chameleon? He shows different charms depending on the situation

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Kim Jaejoong is capturing lady viewers’ hearts with his various charms in Spy.

Kim Jaejoong’s acting was notable in the premiere of KBS2 TV’s new Friday Drama Spy, aired on the 9th.

Kim Jaejoong portrays an ace NIS agent with brilliant mind Kim Seonu in Spy.

But his family believes he is just an ordinary government employee.

Seonu can’t reveal his identity as an NIS agent so he has to live wearing many masks: a charismatic NIS field agent at work, Hyerim’s charming son at home, and a caring boy friend to Yunjin.

Kim Jaejoong’s presence was solid among veteran actors like Bae Jongok and Yu Oseong because he played his character Seonu so naturally, showing polarizing charms.

Two episodes of Spy aired consecutively from 9:30 PM to 11:10 PM, giving viewers captivating, exciting movie-like drama experience.

Credit: Naver News
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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