[TWITTER] 150110 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update – Feeling Ugly?? + Pics With Chae Soobin & Staffs

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EditedScreenShot_2015-01-09_19-47-48 [TRANS]

JGS: My face is getting uglier… for sure..
KJJ: Recently, this older brother Is feeling it, too.


KJJ: You are handsome  (replying to the same tweet by JGS)




JGS: Come to Manjaedo (location of JGS Reality Show, Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village)  Let’s be ugly together ha ha 

JJ:  So that’s what happens when you go to Manjaedo..  Come to our set and eat some delicious food ~ food that will make you look good!


JJ:  But then our shows airing will overlap, so I will watch Fishing Village on DMB and watch SPY on TV~ (t/n Fishing Village will air January 16, same time as spy)

150110 2

[TRANS] With Chae Soobin who plays Sooyeon~ #FilmingSpy

150110 2pic150110 3

[TRANS] Playing a game of “making one person look good in one photo” with staff members.

150110 3pic

Source:  Jaejoong and Jang Geun Suk Twitter
Translated by: @crystalmoon64 + Hannah @PrinceJJ
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