[Interview] Presscon Q&A with Jaejoong for KBS Drama Spy

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Q. Tell us about your character in the drama, Sun-woo.

At home, he is a mother’s boy. He was raised in a harmonious family with right-minded. However, when he works at National Intelligence Service, he is realistic. I wanted those two traits to make a good balance in the drama. I wanted to portray a character who changes over time due to external factors.

Q. It seems like you always play a character with strong impacts. What is the major difference of Sun-woo with other characters you’ve been playing?

Most people think that Sun-woo is a strong character because he is an employee at National Intelligence Service. However, Sun-woo is a humane and warm-hearted young man in his 20s. He experiences love with his family, girlfriend, and colleagues from work. However, he will show strong personality to solve conflicts


Q. How was your chemistry with Bae Jong-ok (playing his mom) and your lover in the drama Ko Sung-hee?

Bae Jong-ok sunbaenim is gorgeous and looks young. My mother is quite old, and it was good to act with young mother. It feels like being with a beautiful sister. Ko Sung-hee is a pretty actress and the more I see her, the more I feel that way. She has beautiful voice which want me to have more conversation with her.

Q. KBS has poor viewers rating especially on Friday night. Since the drama is placed on Friday, it must compete with SBS and tvN’s variety shows. You must feel burdened about it.

It would be great if we receive high viewers rating, but I’m not worried about it from an actor’s perspective. The drama is fresh and I try to see the bright side of it such as airing two episodes on one day. Moreover, the director is excellent and he works with fast pace. He films the next scene when he is satisfied with the first scene. I trust his abilities.

Q. Are you really not worried at all?

Well, if I have to say something, the director works really fast, so it’s hard to catch up. If we don’t do well, it’s going to be a mess. When an actor is not satisfied with his acting, he usually asks for another shooting, but he believes the first cut was good enough. His judgement is very accurate.

Q. Since this is your first KBS drama, please make a promise to viewers in case it surpasses your goal viewers rating. 

We our drama surpasses 10% viewers rating, I will donate home appliances to thirty North Korean defectors. Well, I’m going to squander all my pay again. Haha!


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