[AUDIO] 150108 Jaejoong on KBS Cool FM (Yoo In Na’s Volume Up)

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Jaejoong on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Volume Up’ Q&A

Q: difference between singing and acting?
A: Singing gives a lot of freedom. Once it becomes habitual, acting can be enjoyable.

Q: what do u wear at home?
A: if it is warm, just under garment, if cold, short-sleeved shirt.

Q: Any promises if viewership ratings breaks 15%?
A: I don’t have much expectations on viewership ratings.

In-na: I want to see Jaejoong’s face but he wore sunglasses, so I’m looking at myself instead.
JJ: sunglasses are like mirrors, isn’t it good? 

JJ: during outdoor shooting, we will place the heater on our face and ‘roast’, in the end my hair got burned

JJ: two weeks ago isn’t it very cold. it’s too cold to the point my lips are frozen and i couldn’t utter out words

JJ: in terms of singing, i feel more freedom and comfortable now. lately i keep practicing performance, from that i found a lot of pleasure.

Jaejoong said he is old already, that’s why he always feels tired. JJ said he doesn’t feel good being after 30 years old

DJ:do u like to analyze things?
JJ: no, i’m not good at this kind of things
DJ: You don’t really know how to aegyo?
JJ: no, i’m good at aegyo

Jaejoong said ahn jjang (road manager) family is taking care of hiro now

DJ asked what Jaejoong usually wear at home
JJ: when its hot i wear underwear only, normally it’s short sleeve shirt

DJ: When do you feel like you have aged?
JJ: Every time I wake up, I could feel it.  Last time, even when I sleep very little I won’t feel tired. Now, when I just wake up, I feel very tired.

Video:  Jaejoong singing 3 Bears Song:

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