[NEWS] 150102 Kim Jae Joong is left bloodied and unconscious in ‘SPY’

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The production team behind upcoming KBS 2TV Friday drama ‘SPY,’ has today released new photos of lead actor Kim Jae Joong.

Kim Jae Joong takes on the role of Sun Woo, who is an genius agent that works for the national intelligence service, and possesses strong analytical and observational skills. His relationship with his mother played by Bae Jong Ok, and his love live with his girlfriend that’s played by Ko Sung Hee will all be shown through the drama.

In the photos, Kim Jae Joong is seen with blood all over his face, while lying unconscious in his car that had just been rammed by another vehicle. Viewers were left curious as to how did Kim Jae Joong end up in this situation, and whether he would be able to get out of it safely.

This particular scene was filmed near Namdong District in Incheon recently. The scene was about the moment where Kim Jae Joong was getting into his car after completing his mission, and then finding himself getting rammed by another vehicle. To make the scene as realistic as possible, Kim Jae Joong was in constant dialogue with the director and co-actors.

Kim Jae Joong showed no signs of fatigue despite the 9 hour long filming, and even gave positive encouragement to everyone on the set. As the cameras got rolling, Kim Jae Joong perfectly transformed into Sun Woo, and showed his solid acting.

The production team utilized a 15-ton truck and aerial cameras to make the filming as realistic as possible, and also installed 5 – 6 cameras at different angles of the car to capture detailed changes in expressions.

‘SPY’ is based on the Israeli drama ‘MICE,’ and tells the story of a mother who is a former spy and would do anything for her son, and her son who is a national intelligence service agent and learns of his mother’s past, as they engage in a relationship of love and deceit.

The drama will begin broadcast on January 9th through KBS 2TV.

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