[TRANS] Jaejoong Sang At A Wedding of a ‘Haemoo’ Staff As Requested by Yoochun

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The highlight of our wedding ceremony!
JYJ Jaejoong sang for us.
My groom Mr. Moon was shooting Haemu at this time, and that song was Yuchun’s wedding gift for us! ^_^

Jaejoong sang the song titled, Now is Good.
He sang a brand new song at our wedding even before its release!!

He sang it so passionately.
Great melody… great lyrics…
Great voice… Jaejoong is great~~ㅋㅋ

I want to thank Jaejoong for making time in his busy schedule to attend our wedding. ^_^

Credit: 2ms84 via @catchballJJ_bot Translated by: @crystalmoon64 Shared by: PrinceJJ