[Other SNS] 141214 Sweet Uncle Jaejoong

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Jaejoong’s sister shared the pictures below on her mobile kakaostory (social network version of kakaotalk) account.  The post is viewable publicly.

울 현아의 패러디~~
현아야 !!!!
누가보면 엄마 보고싶어서 우는줄알겟오~~~
삼촌이랑 헤어지기시러서…
현아가 준비한 과자를 삼촌이 가방에 안 넣어서…저렇게 서럽게 우는 현아~~
결국엔 쭝이는 과자도 가방에 잘 챙기고~~
삼촌에 대한 너의 사랑은~~


Hyunah yah!!!  People might think that you cried because you missed your mom

But… actually… It’s because you didn’t want to part from your uncle

Uncle didn’t put the snacks Hyunah has prepared for him in his bag.

That made Hyunah weep sadly like that~~~

In the end, Jjoongie carefully put the snacks into his bag~~

Your love for your uncle~~

is the best ~~^^

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Source: shie486
Translated by: @The_Little_Pear
Shared by: PrinceJJ


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