[TRANS+PICS] 141213 JYJ Concert in Osaka – Tweets Compilation + Setlist

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  • Start!! Lights out! Dancers on stage first via @pixelminor
  • wow awesome stage!!! Our Kings are out!!!!! Empty!!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Empty: the boys in black outfits with silver gold thread via @pixelminor
  • Smoking hot in baboboy via @pixelminor
  • Ayyyy Girl!!! Their voices blend so perfectly together via @Y_S_H_I
  • Boys giving their greetings via @pixelminor


  • Let me see – passionate sincere gazes distributed liberally via @pixelminor
  • In heaven: each of then are on their own raised stage with its own colour scheme. JJ is red, YC is blue and JS is yellow. via @pixelminor
  • In Heaven…JYJ on elevated platforms via @Y_S_H_I
  • It’s quite cool, the stages light up when it’s each boy’s turn to sing. When they are harmonizing for in heaven, all 3 stages light up via @pixelminor
  • VCR time : VCR shows footage of their various roles in drama, movies and musicals. So darn proud of them! via @pixelminor
  • JJ time! Is this walking along? He’s perched elegantly on a stool while crooning via @pixelminor
  • So happy to hear Konayuki live again and to hear Junsu sing one of my fave japanese song when I was younger is truly precious via @jjchloejj

megwu0312 1Y_S_H_I3

  • JJ – Butterfly…that fierce and sexy look!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • JJ with opened shirt rocking butterfly via @pixelminor
  • Jae’s jacket is unbutton for butterfly.. So handsome via @jjchloejj
  • Butterfly at perfect pitch!!!!! So happy!!! via @jjchloejj
  • Seems to be more muscular!!! Sooooo handsome. Love Jaejoong’s hairstyle! via @jjchloejj
  • Ultra soul!!! Jaejoong!!!!! Jaejoong’s chest and abs muscle more prominent!!! via @jjchloejj


  • Some JJ lip licking and crotch grabbing, I’m so dead via @pixelminor
  • Absolutely sultry and stunning JJ, teased fans as if he was taking off his top but didn’t, making us scream (in frustration) keke via @pixelminor
  • JJ teasing…Just take it off will you!!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Fans made to rehearse for ultra soul with the HEYs! via @pixelminor
  • Despite being tired JJ hit the high notes…and his sexy moves are as sexy as ever!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Drooling over the J abs during Ultra Soul via @pixelminor
  • Lots of the confetti fell on the floor and security actually helped fans to pick up and pass to them! Daebak! via @pixelminor



  • So so – in black and white ensemble via @pixelminor
  • On the same raised stage during So So. Awesome vocals via @pixelminor
  • Chajatta!!! This is priceless… JYJ all smiles via @Y_S_H_I
  • Fans are very high during Chajatta via @pixelminor
  • The stage is actually moving to the back!! Wow!! via @pixelminor
  • There are actually fans on the 3rd floor! They are waving furiously and the boys see them via @pixelminor
  • our kings are waving to fans at 4th floor via @Y_S_H_I
  • Chajatta on moving stage and Soulmates were playing with each other just now!! So cute. via @jjchloejj
  • The mnet is soooo funny, esp Jaejoong hahaha via @jjchloejj
  • Jaesu’s oyaji gag is done and now everyone is asking for Yoochun’s turn. Hahaha via @jjchloejj
  • Its like JaeSu convo only while Yuchun is standing like ‘i have no comment’ ahaha via @xiahdertod
  • JS and JJ did their silly oyagi gags, fans aren’t letting YC go scot free and are chanting his name, via @pixelminor
  • Junsu thought of getting revenge on JJ by saying its JJ turn to do oyaji gag but after JJ oyaji gag JJ wasnt as embarrassing as Junsu via @xiahdertod
  • Junsu tried to revenge 1 more time by making JJ does it 1 more time XD Junsu kid ^^ via @xiahdertod
  • Jaejoong said wrong words and Yoosu are laughing to tears via @xiahdertod
  • Jaejoong: “We were too excited and playful during rehearsal, there weren’t more than 20 people then… We got all too high, and now our throats are not feeling very well.” via @Vichellelicious
  • JJ: “10s?” Fans yell.. JJ: “A few indeed” JJ: “20s?” Fans yell.. JJ: “Energetic!” JJ: “30s?” Fans yell.. JJ: “Lose a bit~~” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “Sorry, I think it has nothing to do with age, everyone’s reaction was probably slow~~” How about fan boys! Come on!” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ to JS: “Osaka, it’s been really long.. Junsu.. Oyaji Gag.. Boring..”  JS to JJ: “The way you said is insincere~ What boring~ Compared to 8 yrs ago, I’m more hardworking in this than singing!” via @vichellelicious
  • JJ said to JS that their met up is a “butts” met up! JJ then used his butt to touch JS’s butt! OMGGGGG~~~ via @vichellelicious
  • JJ: “It feels good to feel this passion during winter, will also be spending Christmas with everyone…” JJ: “I’m still speaking these as a single.. Hope everyone can give me the same passion till then.” YC: “Obviously a single but wanna enjoy passion, what kind of passion??” JJ: “Strength from films, or maybe magazines~” JS: “Jaejoong, are you still seeing them?” JJ: “Sometimes~~ I’m still a man no matter what!” JS: “Yoochun, do you see them?” YC: “(gives a serious look) I don’t see them.” JJ: “So powerful~~”   via @vichellelicious
  • Junsu is picking on Jaejoong everythings even his standing style hahahaha Jaejoong standinh style: put his hands (palm) in front of his…. Junsu was like why you stand this way then JJ was speechless (shy)!so he just changed his hands from front to back lol via @xiahdertod
  • One more time JJ hahaha your funny gag is cute!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • After another rather long and funny ment it’s Wake me tonight!! via @jjchloejj


  • Lionheart woohoo! via @pixelminor
  • They’re preparing the roving stages OMG via @pixelminor
  • JJ came whizzing by me during Be my girl. I didn’t manage to grab his balls again haha via @pixelminor
  • They were throwing balls and shooter guns on the roving stages via @pixelminor
  • Sounds of heavy breathing after be the one…ooohhhh via @pixelminor
  • JYJ has “solo” segments for valentine. JS on the runway, then JJ at the back top of the stage and then YC at the stage front via @pixelminor
  • YC passed JJ his towel after valentine. So sweet of him via @pixelminor
  • JS tries to troll JJ but alas, JaeChun teams up on him after. JS can’t ever win can he? Lol via @pixelminor
  • I just realised the slits on the boys’ outfits are held together by giant safety pins! via @pixelminor
  • JJ has a penchant for sitting and squatting on the stage after being teased via @pixelminor
  • Someone shld give them their own talkshow, they’re naturals! via @pixelminor
  • JYJ conversation is heading out of control hahaha.. They said this needs to end but they kept laughing, situation cant be calm down XDXD Now they are standing quietly and trying to enter the next song but their faces still end up smiling haha via @xiahdertod
  • Nine…wow such soothing voices…and they were just laughing like schoolboys earlier via @Y_S_H_I
  • Wake me tonight – I love the dance and dynamism. PYC, you lazy dancer! At least JJ was gyrating almost as much as JS hehe via @pixelminor
  • Fans chant JYJ for encore via @pixelminor


  • Get Out was super super super. Everyone was dancing and shaking yeaaahhh via @pixelminor


  • I’ve already started tearing during Nine, I’m so useless lol. Such a beautiful rendition, I like this slow version better than the original via @pixelminor
  • I finally get to hear Begin. They look so solemn via @pixelminor
  • OMG! Begin. My first time hearing this song live via @jjchloejj
  • They didn’t cry tonight. I’m happy to see them happy. via @jjchloejj
  • Jaejoong is sooo damn cute, he keep asking us to take care via @jjchloejj




Credit: @pixelminor, @Y_S_H_I, @jjchloejj, @vichellelicious, @xiahdertod
Photo Credit: @pixelminor, @stjeje, @Y_S_H_I, @megwu0312, @mimi313100, @vichellelicious, @jjjoota
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