[SPAZZ] Because Jaejoong Samchon (Uncle JJ) is the cutest

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The very sweet and cute Jaejoong samchon with his nieces and newphew (Uncle Jaejoong)^^

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Kind Uncle Jaejoong who keeps his promises <3

It was back in October 2009. Uncle Jaejoong fulfilled his promise that he would come to visit his niece if her soccer team wins a gold medal. Jaejoong was dragged to the field by the soccer team coach and surrounded with girls in the end 😛 And the high school posted the video and this writing in its official website:


Osan Information High School meets Jaejoong!! After we won gold medal in the National Sports Festival, Jaejoong made a surprising appearance and encouraged the players. It is said that he came to the stadium of Daejeon University (where the NSF was held) and even waited awhile to keep his promise to one of our soccer players who is his relative. As if we actually felt how popular he is the field instantly became chaotic though, he placidly left the place being worthy of reputation as a star after he offered encouragement and support to the soccer players.

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