[Quip of the Day] Kim Jaejoong’s photos are too popular, fans beg magazine: Please take my money!

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Recently, Kim Jaejoong, of South Korean band JYJ, headed to Austria with BNT News for a photo shoot. The photos’ release has garnered great enthusiastic response.

Jaejoong’s fans from countries all over were wondering the same question: will these 100 pages of high quality photos only come out in this magazine format? Regarding this, BNT’s representative said that the photos won’t appear in commercial magazines and instead will be in airport magazines, placed in airport buses so anyone can obtain a copy. His remark resulted in fans’ collective screams of disappointment, all expressing “Please take my money and release a collector’s edition”, thus showcasing yet again Kim Jaejoong’s ceaseless popularity.

In addition, Jaejoong will appear next January in KBS drama《SPY》to great anticipation from his fans.

Source: BNT News China
Translated by: Ceci @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ

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