[PRESS PICS + DL] 141204 Jaejoong’s BNT Pictorial in Vienna (100 pics)

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More Pictures here [MEDIAFIRE]

 photo 704_1494385_752226.jpg
 photo 704_1494387_116845.jpg
 photo 704_1494380_703947.jpg
 photo 704_1494381_723981.jpg
 photo 704_1494389_907693.jpg
 photo 704_1494391_556672.jpg
 photo 704_1494393_889995.jpg
 photo 704_1494394_422268.jpg
 photo 704_1494398_357382.jpg
 photo 704_1494399_113681.jpg
 photo 704_1494402_452423.jpg
 photo 704_1494403_187899.jpg
 photo 704_1494404_840426.jpg
 photo 704_1494407_103326.jpg
 photo 704_1494408_100737.jpg
 photo 704_1494421_426670.jpg
 photo 704_1494422_414888.jpg
 photo 704_1494424_794946.jpg
 photo 704_1494432_675235.jpg
 photo 704_1494434_355026.jpg
 photo 704_1494440_372849.jpg
 photo 704_1494445_863572.jpg
 photo 704_1494447_667585.jpg
 photo 704_1494448_578388.jpg
 photo 704_1494450_202060.jpg
 photo 704_1494451_845169.jpg
 photo 704_1494452_454831.jpg
 photo 704_1494454_583957.jpg
 photo 704_1494455_873773.jpg
 photo 704_1494459_138647.jpg
 photo 704_1494464_819422.jpg
 photo 704_1494465_587189.jpg
 photo 704_1494466_358164.jpg
 photo 704_1494472_975266.jpg
 photo 704_1494473_404300.jpg
 photo 704_1494478_256393.jpg
 photo 704_1494479_496706.jpg
 photo 704_1494483_909058.jpg
 photo 704_1494486_762159.jpg
 photo 704_1494487_920783.jpg

Credit: BNT via Sina
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  1. ssk13
    December 6, 2014

    Thank you so much for sharing ^_^

  2. monicajules
    December 10, 2014

    I always thought Jae is a photographers dream .. he’s so effortlessly gorgeous, the possibilities are endless with him.