[TRANS] Korean Cuisine Chef Kim Jaejoong wants to have a thrilling date with a chubby girl!

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30… “You are both stars, don’t forget it. When the stars exploded billions of years ago, they formed everything that is this world. Everything we know is stardust. So don’t forget you are stardust.” –Quote from the movie Before Sunrise

Naturally, Kim Jaejoong received spotlights from everyone on the streets. Blond hair, chiseled jawline and the music notes in his hands… He was a star. Warm sunbeam on a cold metallic tea table and the blue chair that he is sitting on… It is all too magical. Could it be because it is the exact spot where the comical fortuneteller in the movie Before Sunrise reminded the young couple of them being brilliant stardust?

Movement 3: Chatty Kim Jaejoong seated in Kleines Cafe


S: Vienna is a city known for its art. Are you interested in any other artistic field besides music?

J: I love paintings. Interested in interior design, too. I have diverse interests. (Laugh.)

S: You are interested in interior design?

J: Yes, I have interests in furniture and accessories. I am not really particular about colors but like to have one base color and add colorful points with some impact. I tend to keep my favorite art works at home regardless of the interior of my house.

S: Do you often buy art works abroad? There are a lot of exotic accessories.

J: I buy a few abroad to keep for myself and as gifts for guests who come to my house.

S: You personally design bags as well. Have you studied for it?

J: It was a preliminary design I had when I first started the business. (Laugh.) It was purely an accident. One of my acquaintances suggested to me about outdoor bag business. I was a simple participant. But I started giving advices about the design and it came out to be a big bag with a backpack feel to it. It continued to sell till today. Sort of like an idea item.

S: You have a lot of pictures of food in your SNS. I heard it’s because you have a lot of sisters.

J: I am interested in cooking. I specialize in Korean cuisine. Someone gave me beef short ribs as present last holiday season, so I marinated them myself, grilled them and shared with Geunseok and other friends. (Laugh.) I can cook most Korean dishes well. Never tried Japchae(vermicelli noodles with beef and vegetables seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, spices.) though. It is too much of hassle for a guy who lives alone. I wanted to eat it more because I am abroad now? (Laugh.)

S: Do you enjoy traveling?

J: Love it. I ask my friends to travel with me if their schedule agrees. I never traveled alone properly. I need to travel more when I am still young. (Laugh.) Because it will be difficult to travel alone once I get old and have family.

Movement 4: Kim Jaejoong and a sofa waiting for its customer in a suite


S: You are originally from city of Gongju of Chunganam Province (about 1 ½~2 hour drive south of Seoul).

J: Yes. I came to Seoul alone when I was 16.

S: You must have been lonely without your family at such a young age.

J: I lived alone for a long time since I did that from when I was 16. Honestly, I feel really lonely even now. But it would be difficult to live with someone, feels like I have to care and do something for that person constantly. (Laugh.)

S: Do you welcome your friends when they sleep over at your place?

J: If they sleep over, I have to spend a whole day for them. (Laugh.) I feel like I need to cook breakfast for them and pack them something when they leave. (Laugh.) I am worried that would feel lonely when they leave.

S: Who is lonely exactly?

J: Me. I feel lonely 100% after they leave. I don’t want them to leave and I express my feeling that way. But if they say they want to stay for days, it will feel uncomfortable for me.


S: Is there a unique friend?

J: Jang Geunseok! We get along really well. We drink together and both have emotional ups and downs. (Laugh.) Geunseok has faster and greater emotional swings but we are similar and understand each other when we are up and when we feel a little blue. We try to accommodate each other’s feelings. But he doesn’t like to exercise…(Laugh.)

S: You are both busy so it must be hard to hang out together often.

J: We live very close to each other so we do hang out a lot. He is always active and energetic. I usually call him when I feel a little lonely, and he listens to me and we end up having lots of fun. He gives me energy.

S: Kim Jaejoong’s ideal type?

J: I like someone who is professional about her profession. And when it comes to her personal life, I want some one who is pure when we share our worries and feelings. I really don’t have fixed ideal type… (Laugh.) I don’t have fixed preferences like innocent type or sexy type. (What about appearance?) I am on the skinny side so I wish the girl were not so skinny. Little chubby, instead of having volume. (Laugh.)

S: Relationship style?

J: I think it requires just the right amount of tension. In other words needs effort. Not sure about after I get married. But when you are dating, I don’t like becoming too comfortable with each other to the point where you are ok about meeting each other without washing your face. I strongly believe in this when I was younger. People say you get looser when you get older but for me age didn’t make much difference. (Laugh.)


Kim Jaejoong decided to appear on KBS drama Spy, scheduled to air in January next year. He will play a genius information analyst. Bae Jongok is casted as his mother so the expectation is high on the chemistry between the two actors. His enlistment seems eminent, and he must need time to wrap things up. However, he says he wants to keep busy until that time. He is full of motivation; he wants to enlist after he is done with the drama and working on an album activity. He is also confident about military life, says he is strong and fit. “Everyday and night with you~” It has been 10 years since his debut, I can see him still shouting ‘Begin’ as the oldest of JYJ, solo artist and an established actor as I seen him before like in a dejavu.

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