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[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong confirmed to star in a family/spy thriller ‘Spy’ and transforms into a genius analyst [x] 


Spy is based on Israeli drama, MICE and is a family/spy thriller portraying a story about an ex-spy mother and her NIS agent son. An espionage war takes place within a family and members must deceive each other.  It is a fusion of popular family drama format and spy thriller genre. Kim Jaejoong is Seonwu, a level-headed genius NIS information analyst specializing in North Korea with quick judgement skills and superior analytical ability.

Kim Jaejoong will show his gentler side with his tender loving relationship w his mom Bae Jongok.

Kim Jaejoong will be in antagonistic relationship with Yu Oseong who will play a North Korean spy.


[NEWS] Jaejoong will play a genius analyst who has an extraordinary brain in “Spy” [x]

In the drama, Kim Jaejoong plays an analyst on North Korea information, who works for NIS and is a genius. He has extraordinary analytical skills and could make quick and cool-headed decisions.


Article Source: Kim Min-jin (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)


The public broadcaster KBS2 confirmed JYJ member and actor Jaejoong’s appearance in the TV station’s Friday drama “Spy.”

Jaejoong’s participation is receiving exceptional attention from viewers since it is the first time for the singer-actor to star in a KBS drama. He debuted as an actor on the small screen through SBS drama “Protect the Boss,” and MBC dramas “Dr. Jin” and “Triangle.”

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The drama “Spy” portrays the fictional story after the execution of the second most powerful man in North Korea, Jang Song-thaek. Jaejoong is to play a South Korean spy agent, while senior actress Bae Jong-ok acts as his mother and a former North Korean spy.

The drama comprises 16 episodes and is scheduled to air in January.

More info on plot of KBS Drama “Spy”


Yoo Ohsung plays a North Korean spy, who will be in confrontation with the main character Seonwoo (T/N: Jaejoong’s character) . Bae Jong-ok plays Seonwoo’s mother (source: x)


Bae Jong-Ok plays Hyerim – a perfect mom inside and out. She pays a lot of attention to her children’s education. She’s also a perfect housewife who supports her husband very well. But in fact, she’s former North Korean informant.

Out of the blue, she’s assigned the mission of recruiting her son, who works for National Intelligence Service (NIS), into espionage activity. In order to protect her son, she can do anything, even gamble her life.

Spy is family/spy thriller, perfect blend of two conflicting themes: mother’s self-sacrificial love for her son and reality of a divided Korea.  Spy is a drama with a new concept that targets to satisfy the viewers in their 20s to 40s.

(source: x)

Drama is said to be based on Israeli drama “The Gordin Cell” modified to fit the North/South Korea relations:

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