[TRANS+PICS] 141119 JYJ Tokyo Dome Concert 2014 Day 2 – Tweets Compilation

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  • Start! #JYJinTokyoDome via @rubypurple_fan
  • Our boys are out!!!!!! #JYJ Empty!!!!! Via @Y_S_H_I
  • See see! Jaejoong in centre parting today! Still looking so good! Via @Vichellelicious
  • JJ: Hi everyone~ welcome to JYJ Japan Dome tour Ichigo Ichieeeee~ via @rubypurple_fan
  • “Good evening everyone, we are JYJ, welcome all to Ichigo Ichie concert!” Jaejoong: “Are you guys feeling cold? But I’m very hot ah! Only sang 3 songs but my strength is a little…” YC: “Is everyone ready to have fun till the end?” JJ: “Feeling very nervous for JP concerts this time round!” via @Vichellelicious
  • tanoshiiiii jyunbi okkayyyyyyyyyy…… via @rubypurple_fan
  • JJ solo – Arukitai via @rubypurple_fan
  • Some green lights for JJ’s solo Via @Y_S_H_I

Y_S_H_I Megwu0312

  • JS solo – Sora to Kimi no Aida ni (Between the sky and you) via @rubypurple_fan
  • JJ to YC: you are more energetic today~ lol via @rubypurple_fan
  • YC solo – Sai Ai via @rubypurple_fan
  • JJ solo – Butterfly via @rubypurple_fan
  • JJ Solo – Ultra Soul via @rubypurple_fan
  • Jaejoong: “Is everyone happy? What do you feel about our solos? Junsu and Yoochun indeed sang very well!” Jaejoong: “There are many more songs to get “high” with everyone! Fans on 1st and 3rd floor, be careful~” via @Vichellelicious

mimi313100 1 mimi313100 2

  • Cameraman feasting on JJ’s pants and abs again!!!! Via @Y_S_H_I
  • JJ humming something…camera man focuses on his abs..tattoo and …. Via @Y_S_H_I
  • JJ sang a bit of Sai Ai, imitating Yuchun xD via @rubypurple_fan
  • JJ and YC sing Sai Ai in karaoke~~ via @rubypurple_fan
  • JJ: to everyone in the 2nd or 3rd floor, please be careful in jumping~ via @rubypurple_fan
  • They are talking about age again! ^^;; They are asking the age teens > 20s> 30+ fans to scream. They called out the 40s~ JJ said 40s are pure. JS asks what is pure? JJ was like ^^;; via @rubypurple_fan
  • On moving stage, JJ knelt down, extremely close to the audience via @the_little_pear

duanmubuJaejoong Autographed ball

  • during “Chajatta (Found You)”! They look so happy, having so much fun! via @Vichellelicious
  • JaeSu on screen! Simply love their interaction~ The smiles on their face! via @Vichellelicious
  • JJ asked JS he likes woman of what age… JS: “I like anyone, long as it’s JYJ fan…” via @Vichellelicious
  • JJ: “I like 40 years old woman, I like 40 years old woman’s body…” via @Vichellelicious
  • Junsu being trolled by Jaejoong and Yoochun AGAIN! ㅎㅎㅎ Poor Junsu~~ via @Vichellelicious
  • They spotted an ahjusshi fan in the crowd!^^ Via @Y_S_H_I
  • Many more male fans today via @the_little_pear
  • A 47 years old male fan said he has become fans 5 years ago via @the_little_pear
  • Jaejoong still remember the 80 year old fan who came to their concert before via @the_little_pear
  • JYJ: “How did everyone became fans?” Fans: “Because you guys are very handsome!” / JYJ: “How long ago have you liked us?” Fans: “5 years ago~” / JYJ: “Anyone came with family and how old are you?” Fan: “Yes, I’m 43 years old.” Junsu laughed and bowed~~ via @Vichellelicious

NaMjjeje126 2 NaMjjeje126

  • Junsu also asked, JYJ performance is better than other artists right? fans said yes~~~ via @rubypurple_fan
  • JYJ says they will release a DVD on Japan Dome Tour 2014 Concert! Come on JYJ, we can’t wait! ^^ via @Vichellelicious
  • Junsu: “We haven’t been on programmes for a very long time, why are there still 20+ years old people liking us?” Jaejoong to Junsu: “Didn’t everyone already said! Because they like you ah!!!” via @Vichellelicious
  • JS is asking YC and JJ to baby talk. JJ said no, too old for that lol via @rubypurple_fan
  • JJ: I’ll learn new oyagi gags for Osaka and Fukuoka (coz he only says the shoyu koto one) lol via @rubypurple_fan
  • Lovely!!! Chanting JYJ altogether!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • The crowd is going wild with GetOut via @Y_S_H_I
  • JJ: This concert has been great. Thank you~ via @rubypurple_fan
  • JYJ during Last Ment~♡ They look so satisfied, happy for them~^^ via @Vichellelicious

Congkr 2 Congkr

  • Our JYJ…they’re crying T_____T Everyone’s crying now!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Jaejoong is very crying very badly now… He’s wiping his tears while they say goodbye… Don’t cry Joongie~~ T___T Junsu and Yoochun cried too and their eyeliner smudged… Fans crying together with them… TTTTTTT via @Vichellelicious
  • YC: we talked in the hotel though, we can exist because you all are there via @yuchun6003 (translated by @kaju0731)
  • JJ: I thought it was nice if the passion continued, and you guys have it. are you sweating? via @Angel33Wing (translated by @kaju0731)
  • Junsu is crying… he can’t hide tears. and Yuchun is also crying because JS is doing via @yuchun6003 (translated by @kaju0731)
  • Jaejoong is at a loss for words because of tears… ;A; via @midoyot (translated by @kaju0731)
  • JJ and YC can’t talk well because they are crying, so JS is talking instead of them.. via @shachong (translated by @kaju0731)
  • Jaejoong said he’s feeling very blessed while crying… T____T via @Vichellelicious
  • JJ said they’ll be together forever as JYJ. via @rubypurple_fan

rinmazeY_S_H_I 2 Y_S_H_I 3 Y_S_H_I 4


Credit: @the_little_pear (Hannah @ PrinceJJ), @rubypurple_fan, @Y_S_H_I, @Vichellelicious, @kaju0731, @Angel33Wing, @midoyot, @shachong, @yuchun6003
Photo Credit: @NaMjjeje126; @duanmubu; @gengzai, @Y_S_H_I, @megwu0312, @mimi313100, @rinmaze, @NingJJ, @Congkr
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  1. saddy
    November 19, 2014

    the boys are crying so hard..it breaks my heart.. T_T love u forever guys!

  2. Tera
    November 20, 2014

    Love JYJ!!! Thank u PrinceJJ 🙂