[PRESS PICS+TRANS] 141117 JYJ Tokyo Dome Concert 2014 Presscon

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  • JYJ presscon ended. they answered many questions in Japanese. via @ayano_jyj
  • JYJ press conference has ended. They answered the questions in Japanese. They said it’s fun having the press con with 3 people. via @rubypurple_fan
  • JYJ will release Back Seat Japanese version!!! tomorrow, they will perform some new songs!!!! via @ayano_jyj
  • Jaejoong: we miss Japan concert. we, 3 were waiting for the stage, and we know many fans are too. so we are so happy we could cry via @ayano_jyj
  • JYJ new single will have Back Seat Japanese version and a song composed by Japanese musician. Jaejoong said it has a cheerful (happy, good mood) and fresh melody. via @ayano_jyj
  • Q.when did you feel ‘Ichigo Ichie?’ JJ: the moment we had concert at Nippon Budokan when we were TVXQ. we all cried. via @ayano_jyj
    (T/N: ‘Ichigo Ichie’ is ‘you will meet a person just once in your lifetime’. (so treasure every encounter with others))
  • this is BIG news yo~ the Japanese media is there at the press con and actually reporting about JYJ. via @rubypurple_fan
  • Today was Jejung’s, Yuchun’s, and Junsu’s first press conference in Japan as JYJ. via @rubypurple_fan
  • JYJ kept telling everyone in the press con, “how thankful we are for everyone’s support.” via @rubypurple_fan
  • A lot of Japanese reporters are in the press con. via @rubypurple_fan


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Translation by @ayano_jyj + rubypurple_fan

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