[TWITTER+IG] 141012 Jaejoong Shares Pictures & Videos of His Hiking Day With Friends

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[TRANS] Mountain climbing with ang-jjang~! 

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[TRANS] Angjjang, Gunhee, Yugeun ☆

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[TRANS] I had fun hiking~ 

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[TRANS] Excerpt from Someone Who Is Cheering for You.
How should you live if you want a life without regret?
Do the best you can at the things given to you and try to understand and help others. Then, there will be no regret?

Doing your best is important and understanding and helping others are also great. But I think you must have wisdom with all that.
Wisdom is required in doing your best and understanding and helping others.

If you try to do your best without wisdom, you can ruin your body and soul. If you lack wisdom in understanding others and helping others, your heart cannot stay true for long.

What if you turn your eyes that were focused on others back to yourself?


[TRANS] Excerpt from Someone Who Cheers for Me
How can someone who does not love and cherish himself or herself can truly love and cherish someone else?
It must not be easy for a person who lacks confidence and is not satisfied by himself or herself to gladly cheer for others’ success.

When we look back at our lives, we sometimes feel, “I tried too hard.”
In order not to show it to the world we try so hard not to get discouraged.

I think it’s alright to live cherishing and loving myself now.
I can afford to be little selfish at those times.


[TRANS] Gunni lost focus in his eyes after drinking a cup of makgeoli! 


[TRANS] Symbol of his riches? Teeth covered with foil



[TRANS] worn out (laughs)



[TRANS] Ahn-Jjang, delicious? Yes, hyeong. Really delicious. Umm~~eat it up!

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