[TRANS] 141010 Jaejoong’s Talks During Gummy’s Concert

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Few (Jaejoong) fans were at Gummi concert and Jaejoong asked them how come they were there. They said they didn’t know he’d come out. He said he was involved in only few relationships and asked fans’ confirmation, right? Also said his body’s romantic cells all died off coz he hasn’t been in a relationship for so long… He added, “If anybody find me attractive, come visit me, I live near Gangnam District Office.“. Fans screamed and he told them, “Except you guys!” LOL So cute… Tomorrow’s guest is Bobby Kim. Jaejoong met him at a cart bar once while drinking alone. He had some comforting words for Jaejoong. Jaejoong read a few letters of proposal (fans sent, I am guessing, to be read during the concert) and left after about 20 minutes.
This has been a non-fan friend of hers’ account of Jaejoong. She asked how to download Makeup, said the song was great!

Credit: @JiJinuna translated by @crystalmoon64
Photo Credit: JYJ DC Gallery
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