[TWITTER] 1401001 Jaejoong Thanks Triangle Staff + Aspiration came true!

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[TRANS] Once again, thank you Triangle Team! Miss you, actors and staff~


[TRANS] I forgot that we said this (last year) too. Congrats ( Oh Yeonseo)

[CAP] Conversation between Jaejoong and Oh Yeonseo of their ambition to win the best actor/actress awards at MBC drama award ceremony last year (T/N: It came true! They presented an award at the MBC awards together last year and they both won at the Korea Drama Awards this year):

Yeonseo: Yes, next we are going to award is an Excellence award for a Mini Series Drama. I’ll try to act much harder and I hope to get this next year.
Jaejoong: Me, too. I think I’ll really try to work much much harder..
Yeonseo: Yes, right. I hope to meet you again as recepient of this award..
Jaejoong: Let’s try to work harder.

Credit: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by @crystalmoon64 + @theyoungestmin
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