[TRANS] 140929 Fanaccount – Jaejoong at JYJ Fansign

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1) DCJJ user’s fansign event account — Jaejoong prefers to be called ‘Halbebe’ 

In DCJJ, Jaejoong fans split into three sects: Uraegie (my baby), Uroppa (my oppa) and Halbebe (Grandpa-baby) – because each fan views Jaejoong differently.

As for Halbebe, Jaejoong was nicknamed this because he sometimes acts like an oldie but also exudes baby-like charms at the same time.

Today at the fansign event, this fan wrote names of the three sect in her post-it note and asked Jaejoong to choose one nickname that he prefers:

1번. 우래긔♡ Uraegie (my baby)
2번. 우로빠♡ Uroppa (my oppa)
3번. 할베베♡ Halbebe (Grandpa-baby)


And Jaejoong said “Ah~~~~~~ I’m neutral in this ㅠㅠ“, hesitating to give a definite answer. (T/N: Remember JJ gave DCJJ his autograph “Jellery.. I’m watching you..ㅡㅡ^”? haha. He sure knows how he’s called & spazzed by his fans. x’D)

After much contemplation, he decided to mark a dot at ‘Halbebe’ x’D

2) I’m A Happy Person

At a signing yesterday, a fan asked Jaejoong :

Fan: “Oppa, are you happier 10 yrs ago or now?”

Jaejoong: “Now.”

3) Q& A from STAR_LENG


Q1:Will there be a solo? A:Secret

Q2: how is your health/body? A: I put on weight 

Q3: Do you like me? A: Yes (^^)

4) Drawing

It seems that fans are asking JaeJoong to draw squirrel, Naver Line’s cony etc .. JJ told his manager: lately many ask for drawing ^^;;

Jaejoong’s drawings ^^

(Supposed to be Cony & a squirrel – JJ said his ‘squirrel drawing’ turned out like a rabbit ^^;;)


5) Feeding His Manager

Jaejoong fed his manager Royce Choco Potato Chips


6) Jaejoong wore a red badge “I don’t need girlfriend” given by a fan at the fansign 


Source: DCJJ, weibo (link), tiamo_hy, chichi-kjjholic, Studio_Jay (19860126)

Translated by: @jaetaku, @shadowjaejes, @kaloocapri, @The_Little_Pear



  1. pippi0718
    September 30, 2014

    So cute Q&As!!
    I don’t need a boy friend either!!

  2. fineday500
    September 30, 2014

    I don’t need a boyfriend unless it’s JJ…lol

  3. monicajules
    October 4, 2014

    That fan is awesome that gave him that button.. too cute and funny