[TWITTER] 140928 Jaejoong’s Dad’s 70th Birthday + His Parents’ 50th Anniversary

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2014-09-28 13.36.05

[TRANS] I wish my parents have many more years of happy and healthy life^^

(T/N: 고희연-Goheeyeon means the celebration of one´s 70th birthday(not Korean age). It’s the Korean tradition to wish his/her happy and healthy life)

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[TRANS] Kim Bonghyun, Yu Mansun* 70th birthday and golden wedding anniversary celebration!

(*Kim Bonghyun = JJ’s father, Yu Mansun = JJ’s mother)


(T/N: JJ’s family had the party at the same venue where Youngdal had CEO inauguration ceremony in Triangle via @jaetaku)

2014-09-28 15.45.21

[TRANS] It’s a bit late but finally overㅜㅜ
I’m so grateful to people who came to party.. and wish my father, mother have many more years of happy and healthy life~
I love you, my members~

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