[Other Twitter] 140927 Jaejoong’s Sister Shares More Pictures of their Parents’ Anniversary + Bday Party

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[TRANS] Many returns, father and mother ^^kkjj1


[TRANS] Our parents loved 1 son and 8 daughters selflessly. Want to live happily fulfilling our filial duties.  Thank you for raising us. Love my family and happy. Ps. Too many cameramen. ㅎㅎ Where are we looking at? We are still happy family.



[TRANS] Pretty and lovely nieces, Hyuna and Seohyun battling over uncle.   Hyuna is older and never parting from him so funny. ㅎㅎunclejjkkjj4140929

[TRANS] It is ok to say my hair style similar to Jaejoong but there is only one son in our family. Reason why I wore pink? 


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  1. fineday500
    September 28, 2014

    Awww, that kiss is so sweet. Happy birthday papa Kim.♥♥♥