[PICS+TRANS+VIDEO] 140925 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Bangkok – Tweets Compilation

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  • JYJ BKK concert has very strict security policy and staff. They will search your body for hidden camera/video device. via @NingJJ
  • Playing JYJ greeting video for BKK. It’s now 7.50pm, we’re behind time! via @pixelminor
  • Finally Backseat MV, almost 8pm via @pixelminor
  • 8pm- national anthem played. Everyone stands respectfully via @pixelminor
  • Lights out. Finally starting. Screams are crazy! via @pixelminor
  • I’ve never heard such loud screams. Creation. via @pixelminor

pixelminor3 entknewsentknews2starupdate2

  • JJ gave a wicked wink during Be The One. via @pixelminor
  • Junsu in English: You speak Korea!? JS says Thai is finale stop? via @pixelminor
  • JJ says JYJ not been here for 3 years and is thankful. Asks if fans are having fun? via @pixelminor
  • Jaejoong thanked for all the warm welcome and said he’s glad that everyone here hasn’t forgetten abt them even tho it’s been 3 years via @lookkaew_SK
  • YC asks everyone to have a crazy time all the way to the end! via @pixelminor
  • Dad you there followed by Let me see. Soulful indeed, JJ holds on to a red towel throughout hehe. via @pixelminor
  • First Video now via @pixelminor
  • got distracted by black tight pants. can it get any tighter OMG!!!!! via @KJJ_INA
  • Dear J: piercing stares by JJ via @pixelminor
  • dear j white shirt without button via @jaejoongholics


  • Butterfly with sexy Jae!!! via @te4jyj
  • His pants are so low I can see the entire tattoo via @ning225
  • With Butterfly, my stands shook with the screams and stamps via @pixelminor
  • Jae put the audience on fire with his BUTTERFLY! via @sand_nicky
  • Jaejoong drank water before talking via @wiv_jyj
  • And the shirt is off!!!! MINE via @te4jyj
  • I can’t breathe. Help!!! JAE stripped obligingly for Mine via @pixelminor


  • Chajatta on trolley and throwing balls’ @te4jyj
  • Jae has that grey shirt open! Magnificent chest exposed via @te4jyj
  • JJ hugging everyone…all corners via @te4jyj
  • throwing balls to audience in roving stage via @jaejoongholics
  • JYJ cutely throwing plastic balls on the moving trucks during ‘Chajatta’ and Junsu said ‘I love you all too’ ^^ via @lookkaew_SK
  • Ment time. The boys are so funny, trolling and imitating each other. via @pixelminor
  • JJ: A fanboy saw us from so far away ytd, but looked so happy and frantically waved at us YC: Did he say ‘Jae~Joong’? *small aegyo voice* xD via @lookkaew_SK
  • Fans protest at the sexy dance for Letting Go. Sizzling hot! via @pixelminor
  • The fans on the ground rushed to the extended stage and were dancing on their chairs for Be My Girl!! via @pixelminor
  • The beautiful In Heaven via @te4jyj
  • Sigh. And they sang so well there too. The nuances lost by the hight pitched scream. via @ning225
  • Glittery sparkles fall gently on the stage during In Heaven. A lot of bromance with them singing to each other via @pixelminor
  • JJ hugged fans on screen again three times via @wivjyj
  • JJ stretching his muscled arms to hug the fans…so sweet! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Valentine…JYJ and dancers workin it out. Junsu dancing on the bridge!!! JJ dancing/singing from main stage! Yuchun from down stage… via @te4jyj

wivjyj2 Y_S_H_I

  • Valentine with all the sensuous moves via @pixelminor
  • Back Seat…love me some JYJ!!’ via @te4jyj
  • Loud JYJ chant!!! via @te4jyj
  • Officially deaf. The screams of JYJ for the encore are the loudest I’ve ever heard. Thai fans are daebak! via @pixelminor
  • JYJ at extended next to us…Empty/Get Out via @te4jyj
  • Power packed empty and Get Out. Everyone dancing on chairs again via @pixelminor
  • JJ is tired…sitting on stage. Now laying via @te4jyj
  • JJ sat crossed-leg on stage and exhaustedly lie down | JS: only when you’ve been an artist for 10 yrs that you can do things like this xD via @Lookkaew_SK
  • During final ment, JJ being 4D and lying on the stage via @pixelminor
  • JJ sitting up and laughing at himself after lying on the stage and kicking his legs in the air via @pixelminor
  • The boys take turns to thank everyone and wish everyone health and happiness via @pixelminor


  • Fallen leaves via @pixelminor
  • Closing video with sad dawn via @pixelminor
  • Final walk down extended stage via @pixelminor
  • Fan project at the back of hall: Always waiting for you. via @pixelminor




Credit: NingJJ, Pixelminor, lookkaew_SK, KJJ_INA, jaejoongholics, te4jyj, ning225, sand_nicky, wiv_jyj, Y_S_H_I
Photo Credit: NingJJ, Pixelminor, jaejoongholics, te4jyj, starupdate, entknews, entyemi, xianeunymph, wiv_jyj, Y_S_H_I, ning225, jeje_rang
Video Credit: EnTown
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