[TRANS+PICS] 140920 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Shanghai – Tweets Compilation

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  • Concert is about to start. via @JYJ_PH
  • Green stands out. via @JYJ_PH

jyj_phjyj_ph2JYJ_ph3jaejee jaejee2 jaejee3

  • JYJ video on the screen via @JYJ_PH
  • They look happy. via @JYJ_PH
  • fans are chanting… The arena is full.  via @JYJ_PH
  • “hello, we are JYJ” / JJ: “JJ saw so many fans here I am so happy” via @megwu0312
  • the translator same as the Chengdu concert, that one JJ said she did good via @megwu0312
  • wearing black long sleeve top. new attire for dear J. via @JYJ_PH
  • dear j new clothes via @megwu0312
  • Jaejoong in black top and black distressed jeans via @JYJ_PH

莲藕娃娃1莲藕娃娃 2

  • Jaejoong solo Butterfly… via @JYJ_PH
  • Jaejoong “each time during solo, I can sing & dance with u. next song.” via @jaejoongholics
  • Jaejoong Solo. Gosh JJ’s muscles are so toned…UPcLOsE. via @JYJ_PH
  • Not naked but soooo sexy nonethelesss. via @JYJ_PH
  • He didn’t strip today ^^ via @jaejoongholics
  • JJ asked in the venue who are older than us please raise your hands via @megwu0312
  • JJ : Who here is older than JYJ members? / JS: 10 yrs later the prob, don’t lie with us, 10 yrs later r u still coming? / YC started to act old, JS laughed and lied on the floor, JJ : YC is a good actor. / JS: Who is underage here? / JS : those who raised their hands, half are lying. *joking* / JJ: A long time later, 10 yrs later, xxxx, will u still be coming? U will all be married. / JJ: JS would u like to be married? / JS: To be fair, u (fans) can’t get married too / JJ : Who is married here? Raise your hands / JJ : During performance, I looked around, there are some men, are u husbands or gf? / JS: who have seen us for the first time? JJ: Seeing us for the first time in Shanghai / JJ still on the 10 yrs and marriage topic…. “Can we make a promise 10 yrs later? Even if we can’t dance, go bald, with beer belly….” JJ: when u like someone, appearance is important too. JJ: If your (fan’s) hair dropped by then, I will not look at you too. via @jaejoongholics
  • JJ: “if that time you also has tummy I will not like you too”. JJ said like a person not just coz his/her appearance… via @megwu0312
  • Jae asking fans who are older than themselves to raise their hands. XD Jae “10 years later… many years later, this venue may not be full, but I have a solution, just bring your husbands and kids.” “Till then, the three of us will also be married and have kids” via @shadowjaejes
  • Just now, Jae asked a fan “Are you married? You look like you’re married. But if you’re not, I apologize.” LOL via @shadowjaejes
  • Jae “I noticed a lot of male fans today. You all must have accompanied your girlfriends here right?” via @shadowjaejes
  • They are acting out how JYJ will meet the fans when they get old. So cute! via @JYJ_PH

梅赛德斯-奔驰文化中心 梅赛德斯-奔驰文化中心2 ohhayo_jeje

  • dancer time via @megwu0312
  • JJ said talk about Shanghai then think about…river.. ask why coz : when he in shanghai he went out once..and just saw that via @megwu0312
  • Fans are continuously chanting for KIYOMI via @jaejoongholics
  • I think One of the guys did kiyomi ~ The other two “escape” LOL via @shadowjaejes
  • Yoochun did the gwiyomi. via @JYJ_PH
  • Ok, so YC was the one who did kiyomi coz Jae said in Shanghai, YC is responsible for the “cute” part. LOL via @shadowjaejes
  • JJ didnt do kiyomi… JJ let hands cover eyes to ignore kiyomi…. via @megwu0312
  • Actually JS “sort of” also did kiyomi coz he demonstrated to YC who claimed he doesn’t know how. Only Jae “escaped!” LOL via @shadowjaejes
  • According to a fan account, Jae had his hands covering his eyes and even turn his back, pretending not to hear fans shouting to do kiyomi. via @shadowjaejes
  • JS: are u happy? Though we can’t bear to part but the next song is last. Time flies. via @jaejoongholics
  • JJ said last song and ..then to your children in home alone I will worry>< he want fans going home earlier..XDDDDDD via @megwu0312
  • JJ said that you leave child in home , they may looking for you , so…He want fans could get home ealier via @megwu0312


  • Fans are shouting JYJ, JYJ, JYJ …. via @JYJ_PH
  • JJ: Did u enjoy the dance? Actually today is our last stop in China. JJ: At the beginning of today, I said I will get energy from u, I feel full of energy now. JJ: Next time next time, let’s be happier than today, be more ‘high’ than today. via @jaejoongholics
  • JJ said “you jumped? jumped happily? this con is the last one in China, this concert really full of energy via @megwu0312
  • Jae “I’m really happy today. See you next time.” via @shadowjaejes
  • Fallen leaves. oh~~~~JJ opening sounds great via @megwu0312
  • 2hours and a half via @megwu0312



via @jaejoongholics

1- Creation
2- Baboboy
Ment 1
3- Dad, You There
4- Let Me See
5- Dear J (JJ Solo)
6- Age 7 (JS Solo)
7- 서른 30 Lazy Life (YC Solo)
8- Tarantallegra (JS Solo)
9- Turn It Up (JS Solo)
10- Incredible (JS Solo)
11- Walking with her in Spring (YC Solo)
12- I Love You (YC Solo)
13- Butterfly (JJ Solo)
14- Mine (JJ Solo)
16- 十年 Ten Years (Chinese song)
Ment 2
17- Be My Girl
Dancer Time (Mission)
18- In Heaven
Ment 3
19- Letting Go
20- Valentine
Ment 4
21- Back Seat
22- Empty
23- Get Out
Ment 5
24- Fallen Leaves 

Credit: JYJ_PH, Megwu0312, jaejoongholics, shadowjaejes
Photo Credit: JYJ_PH, 莲藕娃娃, Jaejee_大在在皇额娘, 梅赛德斯-奔驰文化中心, ohhayo_jeje, SooYing, Congkr
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