[Other Twitter] 140919 Jaejoong’s Sister Shares A Picture of Their Family

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둘째 언니는 바빠서 사진이 없다.요번 행사에는 우리 가족 전원 참석이니까 이쁜 사진 많이 찍어서 보물 1호 만들어야겠다.우선 내 몸부터 챙기자.아자.

[TRANS] Second eldest sister is not in the picture coz she is busy. Every member of the family is present in this event, (I) will take many pictures so I can make them my #1 treasure.  (I) need to take care of my health first. Let’s go!


Her Twitter DP:


Jaejoong with his 8th sister, Sooyoung



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